Chapter 135 - World-Termination-Armour (1)

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Chapter 135: World-Termination-Armour (1)

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“God?” Zhan Fei scoffed as he looked at Yang Jian. “Where does a God come from in this world? You think he is fit to be called a God?”

Zhan Fei took a deep breath in and steadied himself as he looked coldly at Ji Fengyan and Yang Jian.

“Ji Fengyan, I have belittled you. I did not think that you would have a fighting ace with you, but I am also not someone who can easily be dealt with!” Zhan Fei’s lips curled into a cold smile and suddenly he ripped open his clothes!

There was a necklet that was stuck close to the skin on his neck and there was a dull gold pendant hanging from it!

Linghe and the other people who were standing at the side, after seeing that pendant, immediately sucked in a breath of cold air!

It was the World-Termination-Armour!

This person was actually a terminator!

Who would have expected that the personal bodyguard of the eldest princess would actually be someone with the strongest occupation in the kingdom—a terminator!

An uneasiness immediately started to spread in everyone.

“No wonder… no wonder he did not use any weapon just now…” Zuo Nuo’s eyes widened in shock. He finally understood why they had all lost to Zhan Fei.

A terminator topped all the other occupations in terms of power. They were the most effective weapons against the Demon Clan!

In this instant, Gong Zhiyu’s expression also changed. He looked surprised at the mark of the armour on Zhan Fei’s collarbone as his eyes flashed with disbelief.

Zhan Fei scoffed as he looked at Ji Fengyan. He lifted his chin arrogantly and his eyes flashed with a sinister grin.

“So you’re Yang Jian? You’re quite capable, considering that I have to use my World-Termination-Armour against you. But it is only limited to this!”

Just right after Zhan Fei finished his sentence, he used his finger to press the jewel in the middle of the World-Termination-Armour mark. The sharp jewel immediately cut open his skin and fresh blood flowed into the mark and started to spread.

The line that was red from the blood gradually spread throughout the mark. The glowing red light shimmered and brightened the dull mark.

Within moments, a strong gust of wind blew underneath Zhan Fei’s feet and many dull golden light rays shot out from Zhan Fei’s chest and slowly spread to surround his body!

There was a suffocating feeling of oppression that engulfed the entire hall!

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min looked at the sight of the magical weapon with blazing eyes!

The arrival of the World-Termination-Armour!

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she watched Zhan Fei, who was surrounded by the dull golden light rays.

Yang Jian also moved at this moment. While holding the three pointed, double-edged sword, he stood in front of Ji Fengyan and used his sturdy body to block the vicious wind.


The wind and light cleared instantly!

A tall and strong body appeared among the light rays.

Zhan Fei was wearing a dull golden armour when he appeared in front of everyone. There was a glittering light faintly glowing on his armour and his head armour that was shaped like a dragon covered most of his face. Only his blazing eyes could be seen. Suddenly, a black spear appeared in his hand!

“Erlangshen? If you are a God, then I shall experience the feeling of killing a God!” a deep voice sounded from the armour. Zhan Fei slammed his spear on the ground and the shock wave from the hit created currents in the air. A crack line started to spread on the hard marble ground like a spider web!

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