Chapter 136 - World-Termination-Armour (2)

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Chapter 136: World-Termination-Armour (2)

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The atmosphere around Zhan Fei changed instantly, and an imposing feeling that emitted from him scared everyone.

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min looked dumbfounded at Zhan Fei, who was wearing that dull golden World-Termination-Armour. With their hearts pumping fast, a wide grin started to spread from their eyes.

They had completely not thought that Zhan Fei would actually use the World-Termination-Armour here.

And when it also happened, they were very clear that Ji Fengyan was bound to die!

There was no other occupation in the world that was comparable to a terminator. Even if Ji Fengyan was a terminator, she was completely no match for Zhan Fei.

They were waiting for the moment that Ji Fengyan’s head was beheaded by Zhan Fei!

Yang Jian stood in front of Ji Fengyan and his wooden body gave out a crisp sound from the huge impact.

That sound was very soft, but countless of the sound entered Ji Fengyan’s ears.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes flashed with a smile.

Her original intention of building Yang Jian was for him to carry the ores and not for battling, so the wood on Yang Jian’s body were casually chosen by her and was not very tough.

“Yang Jian, back down.” Ji Fengyan’s voice suddenly rang.

Yang Jian’s body shook slightly and after lagging for a while, he then slowly backed away to the side.

She would not let Yang Jian fight with Zhan Fei in this state.

Ji Fengyan stood up from her chair and with her eyes half-closed, she looked at Zhan Fei, whose eyes were burning with the desire to kill. That pair of clear eyes no longer had her usual restlessness and instead sent chills down people’s spine.

“This is the World-Termination-Armour?” Ji Fengyan asked calmly.

Zhan Fei lifted his chin up arrogantly. Accompanied with his action was the light sound from his armour.

“Lass, it is your honour to see the World-Termination-Armour before you die.”

Suddenly, Ji Fengyan laughed softly and shook her head slightly. With a sympathetic look at Zhan Fei, she said, “Is it that honourable? I’m afraid I am sorry to tell you that I don’t think that this item is that amazing.”

After Ji Fengyan ended her sentence, she used her fingers to gently lift up her cover and revealed a necklet around her neck that was the same as Zhan Fei. There was also a glowing mark of the world-termination-armour!

Zhan Fei’s eyes shone slightly.

Ji Fengyan casually released her fingers to cover the mark that made people unable to take their eyes off under her clothes.

“This item is not something that only you have, moreover, it does not seem that amazing after all,” Ji Fengyan looked at Zhan Fei with a faint smile and her tone was nonchalant.

“You are also a Terminator?” Zhan Fei squinted. He could not believe that such a weak brat in front of his eyes would actually have the same occupation as him.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders.

Zhan Fei scoffed, “no wonder you could become Ji City’s City Lord at such a young age, but…” his eyes flashed with a sinister grin. He suddenly lifted his dull golden spear, and the sharp spearhead was immediately only half a finger away from Ji Fengyan’s forehead! “All the terminators are not the same!”

Ji Fengyan did not show any sign of fear on her face, instead her lips curled into a smile. That pair of sluggish eyes looked straight at Zhan Feis eyes, as if she had not seen the threat that was right in front of her.

“I am very clear about this,” Ji Fengyan said with a laugh. She pretended to be casual as she lifted her hand and a cut was formed across her palm by the spearhead.

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