Chapter 139 - The Nation’s Grand Tutor (3)

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Chapter 139: The Nation’s Grand Tutor (3)

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“The eldest princess taught you to do this?” Xing Lou’s voice was so cold that it was as if it could freeze the sun outside.

As if he was in a freezer, Zhan Fei trembled and his armour made sounds as he did so.

“I… I…”

“Spare my life grand tutor! I already know my mistake!” Zhan Fei kowtowed vigorously and sought mercy.

Even if he was the personal bodyguard of the eldest princess and a strong terminator, a sentence from Xing Lou was sufficient for him to be killed!

Xing Lou did not care about Zhan Fei’s plea, and his eyes suddenly landed on Ji Fengyan, who was watching the show at the side.

“How do you want to settle them?” he said emotionlessly.

“Ah?” Ji Fengyan was slightly stunned and her eyes widened as she looked at Xing Lou.

Why did he ask me?

I am still watching the show!

Xing Lou pointed at the three people still kneeling on the ground.

Ji Fengyan then snapped out of her daze.

Did this mean that he would hand over these three people for her to deal with?

Not only did Xing Lou’s words made Ji Fengyan unable to react, it made Zhan Fei and Su Lingsheng and the rest scared out of their wits!

What was going on?

The nation’s grand tutor was going to hand them over to Ji Fengyan to deal with?

Su Lingsheng and the others had many doubts, but they did not have the courage to question Xing Luo.


Ji Fengyan looked at Xing Lou and her brain returned to normal functioning.

This grand tutor had close relations to the royal family. Even though he seemed kind, it felt weird that he wanted to hand Zhan Fei and the rest over to her.

Could it be…

He was pretending to punish them but was actually secretly protecting them?

After all, Zhan Fei was still a subordinate of the eldest princess. This grand tutor looked like an immortal and there was a possibility that he was her defensive player.

Ji Fengyan thought again and understood.

She had never met with Xing Lou, and the original owner of the body had even less of a chance to meet with the grand tutor.

They had no relation, so why would this person suddenly appear to help her?

Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled into a smile. “I don’t dare use the word ‘dealing’ with them. After all, Zhan Fei is the eldest princess’s personal bodyguard. If I behead him on the spot, aren’t I not saving face for the eldest princess?”

A puzzling look flashed across Xing Lou’s eyes, but he was not in a hurry to respond.

But Zhan Fei heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

Luckily, this Ji Fengyan was not a complete fool.

But the words that Ji Fengyan said afterwards made Zhan Fei nervous again!

“But since the grand tutor is willing to stand up for justice, it was naturally the best-case scenario and I shall not pursue matters further. It’s just that Zhan Fei barged into my residence and without any reason, injured many of my guards. No matter what, I have to settle this debt that he owes,” Ji Fengyan said with a faint smile. She was not in a hurry to settle the score completely with them, but she would collect the interest first!

Even if the grand tutor was around, Zhan Fei could also not avoid it!

Zhan Fei stared at Ji Fengyan in disbelief. If not because Xing Lou was around, he would have slapped her dead already!

The confusion in Xing Lou’s eyes disappeared at this instant and an understanding reached him.

He turned his head slightly and nodded to the dark guard kneeling at the side.

Ji Fengyan had not understood what he had gestured and only saw the dark guard suddenly stand up. With his actions as fast as lightning, he took out the bow behind him and loaded four arrows before anyone could react.

The four arrows shot out together from the bow! In an instant, they had nailed Zhan Fei’s four limbs to the ground!

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