Chapter 141 - The Nation’s Grand Tutor (5)

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Chapter 141: The Nation’s Grand Tutor (5)

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Zhan Fei’s face was already blue from the pain, but he could only suppress it and nodded.

“Scram,” Xing Lou spit out this word coldly from his mouth.

As if there were given the general amnesty, Su Lingsheng and Lei Min crawled up hurriedly and carried Zhan Fei, who was shivering in pain out.

A long trace of blood flowed from Zhan Fei’s feet all the way to the entrance…

After Zhan Fei and the rest left, everyone in the hall then heaved a sigh of relief.

Previously, the fury they felt towards Zhan Fei had already disappeared by Xing Lou’s simple yet violent punishment. No one could imagine that such a holy nation’s grand tutor would actually have subordinates who were this swift and decisive.

Linghe and the rest were all kneeling in front of him. They only had reverence and fear for him.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Linghe and his men, who were already numb from kneeling and was thinking of how to ask the grand tutor to let them change their positions.

As if he shared a telepathic mind with her, he simply said, “You can all stand up now.”

Linghe and the rest hesitated for a while before they carefully stood up and lined up neatly at the side.

“Thank you so much for today.” Ji Fengyan felt that this grand tutor was a little strange, but she could not tell exactly what was wrong.

Xing Lou was not in a rush to respond. His pair of eyes that was as cold as water in autumn only gazed silently at Ji Fengyan’s petite face. It was difficult to tell the emotions in his gaze.

After a short while, he then said, “No problem.”

It was something he ought to do.

“I heard that the grand tutor had been recuperating in Ji City all this time but I have yet to have the chance to visit. I really admire you greatly after meeting you today.” Gong Zhiyu, who was standing at the side, suddenly took a step forward and said politely with a smile.

Xing Lou then realised Gong Zhiyu’s existence. When his good-looking eyes landed on Gong Zhiyu, his brows started to frown uncontrollably and his gaze became colder.

Gong Zhiyu froze when Xing Lou was scanning him. He could obviously tell that Xing Lou’s gaze was not that friendly and even a little displeased.

This made Gong Zhiyu baffled. It was his first time meeting Xing Lou and he had not offended him, yet why was he being disliked?

Ji Fengyan had also noticed Xing Lou’s displeasure. Due to the help that he had provided her just now, she said, “grand tutor, this is Gong Zhiyu. His group of businessmen often travels to Ji City to do business.”

Xing Lou’s brows were still tightly frowned but when he looked at Ji Fengyan, his eyes became much gentler.

Ji Fengyan, “…”

When this gorgeous-looking grand tutor used such a ‘gentle’ gaze to look at her, she felt really embarrassed.

“Why are you here?” Xing Lou asked. Even though he was looking at Ji Fengyan, his words were directed at Gong Zhiyu.

Gong Zhiyu replied, “As I have some dealing with Ji City Lord, I am temporarily staying at her residence.”

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became a little strange. A chill was sent down everyone’s neck. Xing Lou was originally looking at Ji Fengyan, but after turning away to look at Gong Zhiyu, the gentleness in his eyes had suddenly turned into a spine chilling coldness.

“Do you have Your Majesty’s permission for your group to enter the city?” Xing Lou asked coldly.

Gong Zhiyu was slightly stunned. “No.”

There was such a condition for groups from outside to enter the city, but this usually only applied to the capital city. Who would set such a condition in a remote city like Ji City?

“Since you don’t have, then it is not appropriate for you to stay for long.” Xing Lou’s voice was so cold that it made people shiver.

Gong Zhiyu was confused. Even if he was dumb, he could tell that this grand tutor really did not like seeing him.

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