Chapter 142 - The Nation’s Grand Tutor (6)

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Chapter 142: The Nation’s Grand Tutor (6)

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Gong Zhiyu realised for the first time that he was this unlikable, and the other party’s dislike for him was so obvious.

But unfortunately…

The other party was the nation’s grand tutor.

Gong Zhiyu could only smile as he replied, “I shall obey grand tutor’s commands and set off tomorrow.”

Hearing him say this, Xing Lou finally looked away, satisfied, and his eyes returned to Ji Fengyan.

“…” Ji Fengyan was already speechless. If she wasn’t sure of the looks that she had, she would have misunderstood that the grand tutor had taken a liking for her.

Just when Ji Fengyan’s mind was wandering off, Xing Lou suddenly reached out his hands and held up Ji Fengyan’s injured hands under the shocked gazes of everyone else. Before Ji Fengyan could react, he had already taken out a bottle of medication from his waist, uncapped it with a finger and applied the light blue medication on her wound.

Ji Fengyan instinctively withdrew her hands but when the medication was applied on her wound, the pain that was originally stinging her was suddenly suppressed by a cooling sensation. With the nourishment from the medication, her shallow cut had slowly recovered and very soon new flesh started to grow over her wound.

An elegant fragrance also could be smelt from the medication.

Gong Zhiyu, who was standing silently at the side, expressed his shock through his eyes when he smelled the fragrance. While others may not know what the medication was, he was familiar with it.

That was a supreme grade medication and even their group had not ever placed such a precious medication out for sale.

In the entire kingdom, there is only one pharmacist who could produce it. As that pharmacist was already quite old, the quantity that he could produce every day was very little and it could only be used by His Majesty and the grand tutor. Even the eldest princess was not qualified to enjoy it.


Xing Lou had actually simply used this supreme grade medication on Ji Fengyan’s light wound.

This was not just using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Seeing Ji Fengyan’s wound heal, Xing Lou then released her hands. He had no intention to keep the remaining bottle of medication and instead stuffed it into her hands.

“Grand tutor?” Ji Fengyan was confused.

“I still have something to do.” Xing Lou gave Ji Fengyan a look before he left with his guards.

During the entire time, Ji Fengyan was in a mystified state.

What exactly was the grand tutor here for?

After Xing Lou left, Ji Fengyan was still holding onto the medication bottle with a perplexed look on her face.


The gaze that Linghe and the rest gave her had already changed from a look of respect to a fervent one!

They thought that their Miss was already very valiant usually, but they did not know that she was also related to the grand tutor. Not only did this grand tutor, whom some people could not even have a chance to meet in their lifetime, stand up for her, he also gave her a bottle of power medication!

How close must they have been!

If it wasn’t because Ji Fengyan was still young, based on Xing Lou’s attitude towards her, Linghe would have even thought that Xing Lou had already pledged to marry her.

“Brother Ling,” Ji Fengyan suddenly called out.

Linghe approached her eagerly.

“Miss, what orders do you have?”

“Give this medication to Zuo Nuo and the rest. It is quite effective.” Ji Fengyan casually placed the bottle of medication into Linghe’s hands.

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