Chapter 143 - Tentative Crisis (1)

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Chapter 143: Tentative Crisis (1)

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Linghe looked at the medication in his hand with a stupefied look. Even though he did not know the name of the medication, he could that such a medication from Xing Lou would definitely not be an ordinary one.

Gong Zhiyu, who knew the identity of the medication, was even more taken aback by Ji Fengyan’s shocking words. He blinked his eyes and said, “Fengyan, Zuo Nuo and the others did not sustain heavy injuries. Are you sure that you want to let them use this medication?”

This was a supreme grade medication!

In the entire kingdom, there were only two people who could use it!

“Otherwise?” Ji Fengyan thought that it was a matter of course.

“…” Gong Zhiyu held his forehead, feeling at a loss. “This is a supreme grade medication, are you sure?”

“I am sure,” Ji Fengyan insisted.

“Isn’t a medication made for people to use?”

This medication was not bad. It was a convenience for her as she did not have to refine more elixir.

Gong Zhiyu did not know what else to say after seeing Ji Fengyan’s serious look. He was sure that even if he had told her about the rarity of this medication, she would still not even twitch.

“Forget it, just do as you please,” Gong Zhiyu said.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders and hurried Linghe to apply this medication on the others.

Linghe then led Zuo Nuo and the rest, who had jolted away from the sudden arrival of the grand tutor to the backyard neatly to apply the supreme grade medication.

It was just that the image of a group of heavily bruised guards gathering around Linghe as if they were escorting something precious was too strange.

After being forcefully given the orders to leave by Xing Lou, Gong Zhiyu could only bid farewell to Ji Fengyan and prepare to pack up that night, so that he can exchange the ores that he wanted and leave the next morning.

On the other hand, Ji Fengyan brought Yang Jian to the backyard and opened up the area between his thumb and forefinger as she pondered.

At the same time, Su Lingsheng and the rest who had escaped from Ji Fengyan ran back to the residence that the eldest princess was residing in. The minute they entered, they immediately screamed for people to save Zhan Fei.

Zhan Fei was quickly carried in and treated, Whereas Su Lingsheng and Lei Min were called over by the eldest princess.

A thin layer of yarn curtain covered the inner room that was filled with floral fragrance. Both Su Lingsheng and Lei Min knelt nervously outside of the room with anxious expressions.

An unclear silhouette was leaning against the bed frame behind the curtain and looking at the two people who were kneeling outside.

“You are saying that the grand tutor Xing Lou had suddenly appeared at the little City Lord’s place? And injured Zhan Fei?” a gentle and graceful voice could be heard.

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min responded cautiously.


“We are useless. We did not bring the Everlasting Love Flower…”

“He,” a soft laughter came from behind the curtain.

“Since Xing Lou had already left the residence, why else do I need that Everlasting Love Flower?”

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min did not dare to even squeak.

“Forget it, since it was Xing Lou who had punished him, then Zhan Fei just has to deal with it.” The pleasing female voice had a casual tone.

Lei Min was scared, but the words made his heart stop. He could only muster his courage to say, “my father was harmed by Ji Fengyan…”

“It’s just a young girl. If Lei Min you want to take revenge, you can pass this news back to the capital—”

“May I please trouble the eldest princess to give me some advice!” Lei Min said respectfully.

The voice sounded again. “She’s not the only child in Ji family. Moreover, Lei Xu had been in Ji City for many years, and it would definitely be inconvenient for Lei family without your father. It’s time for the Lei family to know about this news.”

Lei Min’s eyes flashed brightly.

“Thank you for the eldest princess’s advice!”

[Mini theatre]

Little crazy brat: Little Little crazy brat, do you think that the grand tutor has feelings for him, considering how he had looked at me with such gentle eyes?

Little Liu Huo: …

Little crazy brat: Sigh, it’s so frustrating to be so outstanding.

Little Liu Huo: …

Little crazy brat: But don’t worry, I will reject all temptations for you.

Little Liu Huo: You don’t have to reject this…

Little crazy brat: Uh?

Little Liu Huo lowered his head: Nothing.

Little crazy brat: Oh, I almost forgot something. An author had asked us to help her gather support for her other book. I heard that she would usually sacrifice her male characters to gain support. Little Liu Huo, don’t you think that you should also take some clothes off?

Little Liu Huo: What?

Little crazy brat: Go to the room and take off your clothes for me will do.

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