Chapter 144 - Tentative Crisis (2)

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Chapter 144: Tentative Crisis (2)

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The next day morning, Gong Zhiyu and his group were all ready to set off. This time, they stayed in Ji City for quite some time, yet some common people were a little disappointed that they did not manage to successfully exchange the ores that they had.

Before they set off, Gong Zhiyu met with Ji Fengyan and cleared away all the ores that she had accumulated for a long time, leaving none of them behind.

The room that was originally filled with ores was now packed with various rare items. The items that Ji Fengyan had exchanged from Gong Zhiyu were mostly rare medicinal herbs or powerful weapons. Rather, she did not take any of the elixirs that most people desired.

“After today’s farewell, I am uncertain when we will meet again,” Gong Zhiyu stood in Ji Fengyan’s yard and looked at her, who was still smiling widely.

Ji Fengyan laughed as she said, “You’re welcome to visit another time. But the next time, you don’t have to bring any medication, anyway I won’t have any use for them.”

Gong Zhiyu looked at Ji Fengyan, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. She did not know that in the entire city, the most sought after items were actually those medications.

But on a side thought, Ji Fengyan could even casually give the supreme grade elixirs to her subordinates, so she would naturally not even find the ones that he had useful.

“Oh right,” Ji Fengyan thought of something and suddenly took out a palm-sized big white porcelain bottle and placed it into Gong Zhiyu’s hands.

“Even though this medication is not bad, it is ultimately still unable to treat you fully. I don’t know the exact condition of your body, but I know that this Nine Mystic Pill is quite effective for nourishing your bones and muscles. If you take one pill for seven days, it may do you some good. Just treat it as a gift from me.” Ji Fengyan looked at Gong Zhiyu, smiling.

Gong Zhiyu looked at Ji Fengyan, feeling slightly puzzled. The white porcelain bottle in his hands was cold and smooth. After he was dazed for a short while, he simply accepted the gift and thanked her, “Then I shall accept your kind gift. My condition is because of the toxins from when my mother was pregnant with me. There was still no signs of improvement after all these years of treatment, but I shall still gladly accept your kind intentions.”

“You just have to remember to bring more great items next time.” Ji Fengyan smiled so proudly.

Gong Zhiyu laughed uncontrollably as he shook his head. Don’t tell him that she had only given this Nine Mystic Pill so that he could bring more items next time?

She was indeed someone who knew how to not be taken disadvantaged of.

“I will remember and definitely make you satisfied,” Gong Zhiyu laughed. He thought for a while and asked the two guards behind him to step away, before he whispered to Ji Fengyan, “Yesterday’s matter was only settled because of the grand tutor’s appearance. I don’t know your relationship with the grand tutor, but there is one thing that you have to take note,”

Gong Zhiyu paused for a while, then continued, “I have some dealings with Lei Xu in the past. Even though he is only a lowly City Lord of Ji City, but you have also realised that the ores in Ji City were not as low quality as they were rumoured to be. These were all a false impression that Lei Xu had purposely created. Ji City is rich with all these ores and it is practically a cash cow.”

“Given just Lei Xu’s ability, it was impossible for him to hide it from everyone. I believe that there is a hidden power secretly helping him to conceal the truth of Ji City. After you have gained control of Ji City, besides Lei Xu, there will certainly be a conflict of interest with other people. It cannot be guaranteed that they would not stir up trouble for you, so you have to be careful.”

These words were kept secret by Gong Zhiyu for a long time, but he had eventually said it before he left.

“You are referring to Lei family?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows.

Gong Zhiyu said, “Maybe it is Lei family, or it may also be someone else. I am not sure.”

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