Chapter 145 - Tentative Crisis (3)

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Chapter 145: Tentative Crisis (3)

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“I understand.” Ji Fengyan smiled. Gong Zhiyu was vague in what he had said, but she understood.

Gong Zhiyu saw that Ji Fengyan had understood him and smiled gently, “then I shall be leaving.”

Ji Fengyan waved at Gong Zhiyu. Gong Zhiyu left the residence with two other guards. When the horse carriage left Ji City’s boundaries, the two men who had gotten onto the same horse carriage as Gong Zhiyu started to speak, “Young master, you seem to be caring a lot about that little City Lord?”

Gong Zhiyu gazed outside. Ji City was becoming smaller as he moved further. With his hand propping up his chin, his handsome-looking face had a look of laziness.

“Isn’t she interesting? It was no small feat for her to be able to get Ji City from Lei Xu.”

“That little City Lord was indeed a little strange, but… Young Master, the Master had mentioned…”

Gong Zhiyu lifted his hand slowly and interrupted the guard’s words.

“I know it in my mind. You don’t have to say more.”

The guard kept quiet obediently and quietly sat at the side.

Gong Zhiyu took out the white porcelain bottle that Ji Fengyan had given him before he had left. That bottle looked very ordinary and was no different from the ones sold in stalls, “Nine Mystic Pill? Fengyan, you really like to play around with these unique and strange things.”

Gong Zhiyu’s mouth curled into a smile and he still did not open that bottle of Nine Mystic Pill. He kept the bottle properly and looked out at the scenery outside the window.

It was uncertain what would happen the next time they meet again.

Gong Zhiyu had left along with his group of businessmen and Ji City returned to its usual peace.

After Ji Fengyan had scanned through the list of items in the storage room that Linghe had presented to her, she waved her hands, “Brother Ling, you just have to keep them there. And also, let your men pick some useful weapons from the ones that we had taken from Zhiyu.”

Right after Ji Fengyan had said that, Linghe was stunned.

Previously, when Ji Fengyan was exchanging the items, she had specially chosen a batch of high quality weapons. Linghe was still puzzled at that time but he had not expected that Ji Fengyan had picked these weapons for them to use.

“Mi… Miss…” Linghe’s eyes reddened. After leaving the capital city and upon reaching Ji City, Ji Fengyan had always been the one silently helping them, yet they…

“Stop! Don’t cry in front of me. I will feel scared watching you. Hurry and distribute the items, I still have other things to settle,” seeing that Linghe such a grown up man was going to cry again, Ji Fengyan recalled that tear-stained face that she had seen after she had reincarnated.

This reminded her of the sadness of being struck by her lightning tribulation.

Linghe sniffled and forced himself to stop crying.

“Miss, you still have other things to settle?”

Ji Fengyan replied, “I want to go to the mountains around Ji City to have a look.”

“Ah? Miss, you still want to find more ores?” Linghe was surprised.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “I want to see if there is a better quality wood.”

Yang Jian, who was built using her blood, was strong, but when he fought with Zhan Fei, it revealed many flaws that she had missed out on.

The feeble wood was completely unable to block off the force from Zhan Fei after he had put on his world-termination-armour. After Ji Fengyan checked Yang Jian yesterday, she realised that there were already many cracks on the wood on Yang Jian’s body.

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