Chapter 175 - Tutor Ye Yuan (4)

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Chapter 175: Tutor Ye Yuan (4)

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Ye Yuan thought for a long time before replying. “You should have cultivated the spirit. However… your only choice now is to cultivate the body. The body can be cultivated later by continuous accumulation, and once you are well versed in it, you can use it with ease. By contrast, cultivating the spirit requires the foundation to be lain while young. In addition, I saw that you defeated Liu Yang with one blow, so cultivating the body might be more suitable for you. If you are willing, you can train to be a swordsman.”

“Swordsman?” The heavy sword that Ling He carried on his back immediately came to Ji Fengyan’s mind.

When the sword was stood upright, it was taller than Ji Fengyan. Just the sword body alone was sufficient to completely block Ji Fengyan’s small body.

Ye Yuan nodded.

Ji Fengyan smiled and replied, “I will follow your advice.”

“Very well.” As Ye Yuan replied, he turned and brought out an ancient book from the bookshelf behind the table and handed it to Ji Fengyan.

“This book teaches the basics of cultivating the body. You may study it at your leisure. If there is anything that you don’t understand, you can ask me at anytime,” Ye Yuan said.

Ji Fengyan took the ancient book. In her heart, she clearly understood the depth of thought behind Ye Yuan’s actions.

Considering Ji Fengyan’s situation in the Ji home, she was unlikely to be able to practice at the martial arts arena every day. Ye Yuan’s method was probably for the best.

“Thank you, tutor.” Ji Fengyan carefully put away the book and respectfully thanked Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled, then gazing deeply into Ji Fengyan’s eyes, he said, “Do not sully your father’s reputation. You must remember that you have now inherited the World-Termination-Armour. However, the World-Termination-Armour will not be sufficient on the battlefield. You must be powerful and determined enough if you want to survive the battle with the demon clan.”

“Your student will carefully remember this,” Ji Fengyan replied quickly. Although she was eccentric and impulsive by nature, one thing about her never changed:

Respect for her teachers!

She had been raised by her Master since she was a young girl and understood the bond between teacher and student. Since she had studied under Ye Yuan, in the future, Ye Yuan would be her master.

Ye Yuan was very satisfied with Ji Fengyan’s progress. Since Ji Fengyan was already at the martial arts arena, he wasted no time instructing her in the key points of cultivating the body.

Master and student continued to teach and learn in the study. The minutes slipped by quickly and noon turned to evening. Only the rumbling of Bai Ze’s tummy interrupted them as she lay at the side. Ji Fengyan had not fed her all afternoon.

As he looked at the tiny Bai Ze lying on the floor, Ye Yuan’s expression grew grim.

“Fengyan, on the battlefield, the terminator is greatly reliant on his mount. This…”

Ye Yuan was about to continue when a knocking on the door interrupted him.

“Who is it?” asked Ye Yuan.

Ji Li’s voice came from outside.

“Tutor Ye, it’s Ji Li. I heard Ninth Mistress is with you. Old Master Ji has something to tell Ninth Mistress. I wonder if…”

Ye Yuan glanced at Ji Fengyan and opened the door to a respectful looking Ji Li.

Although the Ji family hired many tutors, none were treated like Ye Yuan, who had been personally invited to the home by the Ji Family head Ji Ru. As a person of great importance, even Ji Li did not dare to be impetuous in front of Ye Yuan.

Ji Li smiled as he said, “Tutor Ye, I am truly sorry to interrupt.”

Ye Yuan looked at Ji Li coldly, then turned to look at Ji Fengyan as if waiting for her to decide whether to stay or leave.

Ji Fengyan said smilingly, “Since Oldest Uncle wishes to speak to me, this student will not trouble the tutor any longer.”

Ye Yuan frowned slightly.

Watching on the sidelines, Ji Li found the situation rather peculiar: Not only was Ye Yuan was talking to Ji Fengyan alone in the study, the way he stood in front of Ji Fengyan looked rather protective!

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