Chapter 176 - Going Too Far (1)

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Chapter 176: Going Too Far (1)

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This was something new to Ji Li. Even though Ye Yuan held high status in the Ji family, he had a great sense of propriety and never concerned himself with any family matters. In addition… when Ji Fengyan was first sent to Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan had shown no signs of protecting her.

Today, however…

What had happened?

“It’s all right, you may leave,” Ye Yuan said to Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan smiled and nodded, inwardly acknowledging Ye Yuan’s good intentions.

Some things were better dealt with personally. She was not willing to bring trouble on her newly acknowledged tutor.

Ji Li was very pleased with Ji Fengyan’s sensitivity to a delicate situation. Although he inwardly mocked Ji Fengyan for her cowardice, he did not dare show any outward signs of his thoughts. “In that case, please have a rest Tutor Ye. Oh yes… Tutor Ye, the youths outside…”

When Ji Li had arrived, he had seen the tidy row of people kneeling outside the entrance to the martial arts arena. Several of the youths had already turned pale, but when he had made inquiries, they had not replied at all.

Ye Yuan coldly looked at Ji Li and said, “I am disciplining my students. Does Steward Ji have any comments?”

Ji Li was slightly taken aback and replied, “I would not dare. If Tutor Ye wishes to punish them, that must be the right thing to do.” Turning to Ji Fengyan, he said, “In that case, Ninth Mistress, shall we?”

Ji Fengyan glanced at Ye Yuan and bade him farewell before following Ji Li, together with Bai Ze.

As he watched Ji Fengyan leave, Ye Yuan’s eyes showed traces of concern.

Once they had left the study, Ji Li’s insincere smile quickly faded. He raised his chin slightly and strode forward without the slightest sign of humility. He coldly said, “Ji Fengyan, when the family head first sent you to the martial arts arena, he hoped to groom you, but you did not appreciate the chance and refused to change your lazy ways. As a result, you missed a golden opportunity. Now that you have a rare chance to return, how could you interrupt Tutor Ye in his teaching and hold up the grooming of the Ji family’s new strength? Can you bear such a responsibility?”

Ji Li’s every word dripped with sarcasm. Clearly, he had no regard for Ji Fengyan’s status as Ninth Mistress.

“Perhaps having the World-Termination-Armour has made you arrogant. Old Master wants me to remind you of what you said initially, that it is utterly despicable to sit idly by and enjoy the fruits of other peoples’ labor.”

Ji Fengyan looked at Ji Li’s silhouette with a half smile, but a chilly expression crossed her eyes.

Truly, the entire Ji family was filled with malice towards the original owner of the body.

“Is that what Oldest Uncle wanted you to tell me?” Ji Fengyan asked as she raised a brow.

Ji Li had just walked out of the entrance of the martial arts arena and was standing in front of the kneeling youths when he heard Ji Fengyan’s words. He could not help but stop. He frowned as he looked at Bai Ze who was standing next to Ji Fengyan and said, “Naturally. Do you think someone as busy as Old Master would have any time for you? Ji Fengyan, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? Have you forgotten what you said initially?”

As he spoke, Ji Li pointed to Bai Ze who was by Ji Fengyan’s side and said, “You should have handed over the World-Termination-Armour long ago, but unsatisfied by your greed, you secretly chose this useless animal as a mount. Do you know that the Ji family will pay a heavy price for your stupidity? Are you suggesting that the future Ji family terminator should bring such a good-for-nothing animal onto the battlefield?!”

Ji Li did not restrain his speech in the slightest, and his loud voice attracted many youths who had been cultivating at the martial arts arena to gather around!

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