Chapter 177 - Going Too Far (2)

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Chapter 177: Going Too Far (2)

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Agog with curiosity, many of the youths without the Ji name gathered outside the martial arts arena entrance.

When they saw Ji Fengyan standing opposite Ji Li, their faces took on a curious expression.

Although Ji Fengyan was a young lady of the Ji family, everyone within the family knew she was a pitiful worm, inferior even to outsiders without the Ji name. Even these outsiders had a much higher status within the Ji family than Ji Fengyan, not to mention Ji descendants like Ji Mubai and the others.

They recalled how when Ji Fengyan was first brought to the arena, one of her peers had accidentally hurt her during a sparring session. At that time, they had not known about Ji Fengyan’s status within the Ji family and had been worried that the Ji family elders would criticize them harshly. To their surprise, the Ji family had taken no notice of the incident. Only Ji Li had dealt with the matter in his capacity as the steward. Not only had he not reprimanded the one who had hurt Ji Fengyan, he had actually rebuked Ji Fengyan for her incompetence.

From then on, Ji Fengyan’s situation in the martial arts arena deteriorated steadily.

Afterwards, she seldom appeared.

Many of the youths had mixed feelings towards Ji Fengyan. Although they dreamt of becoming a Ji family member and having all the attendant privileges, Ji Fengyan who should have had everything was actually inferior to them. The youths inevitably developed a rather smug and mocking attitude towards her.

Ji Li did not seem to mind that his words had attracted a crowd. He looked at Ji Fengyan the way he would look at a useless object and made no attempt to hide his contempt.

“Truly, the Ji family has wasted its resources in raising you for so many years. As a member of the Ji family, how could you be so indifferent to its survival? How did the Ji family raise such a vicious child?” Ji Li frowned and rebuked Ji Fengyan arrogantly.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes slightly. The mocking laughter of the youths without the Ji name rang in her ears. Without turning around, she could sense the numerous pairs of malicious eyes behind her.

The corner of Ji Fengyan’s mouth suddenly curled into a smile as she eyed Ji Li, who relied on his master’s power to bully others.

Her five fingers that hung by her side began to quiver, an imperceptible movement that went unnoticed by all.

“Have you said enough?” Ji Fengyan spoke gently, interrupting Ji Li’s aggressive bluster.

Ji Li frowned slightly. He had not expected Ji Fengyan to have the courage to resist.

Ji Li laughed coldly and asked, “Have I said anything wrong?”

Ji Fengyan lifted her chin slightly. Her hooded eyes swept across Ji Li’s savage and arrogant face.

“If you have finished speaking, you may now kneel.” Ji Fengyan blandly spoke.

Ji Li was taken aback by her words.


Ji Fengyan dared to ask him to kneel?

Not only was Ji Li shocked by Ji Fengyan’s words, but the youths who had crowded around to watch were also astounded.

“Ji Fengyan, who do you think you are?” Ji Li coldly narrowed his eyes. However, before he could finish speaking, they heard…


Ji Li’s knees buckled, and he knelt before Ji Fengyan in front of the crowd!

This scene stunned everyone.

Who would have thought that Ji Li would… really kneel down?

This unexpected turn of events plunged the outside of the martial arts arena into complete silence. Everyone stared with unbelieving eyes.

Only Ji Fengyan’s lips arched into a mesmerizing smile.

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