Chapter 178 - Going Too Far (3)

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Chapter 178: Going Too Far (3)

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“Very good. That’s more in line with the Ji family rules.” Ji Fengyan smilingly looked at the stunned Ji Li, who was kneeling before her.

Ji Li felt electrified. His knees were being forced against the cobblestones and the pain was excruciating. The entire situation was unbelievable. He had no intention of kneeling to Ji Fengyan, but his legs would not obey him.

No matter how hard Ji Li tried to stand up, he could not move at all. It was as if his knees were stuck to the ground!

Even before Ji Li could collect his wits, Ji Fengyan’s voice sounded in his ears again.

“Ji Li, as the Ji family steward, you have disregarded the Ji family rules and should be punished. You asked me who I think I am? Let me tell you… who I really am,” Ji Fengyan laughed.

Ji Li broke out in cold sweat. He raised his head involuntarily, meeting Ji Fengyan’s smiling gaze.

Although her gaze was merry, somehow it made Ji Li’s hair stand on end.

Ji Fengyan puffed out her chest slightly and let her gaze passed over the surrounding bystanders. With a serious face and enunciating each word clearly, she said, “I am Ji Yun’s daughter, the Ninth Mistress of the Ji family and your mistress!”

Ji Fengyan did not speak loudly, but everyone present clearly heard each word.

It was unthinkable that the timid girl of the past who did not even dare to meet a person’s eyes when speaking to them, would ever say something like that!

She was the Ninth Mistress of the Ji family and their mistress!

“Now, have you remembered this clearly?” Ji Fengyan lowered her eyes slightly and looked down at Ji Li from her superior position.

Ji Li quivered with rage. Just as he was opening his mouth to reply…


The sharp sound rang in everyone’s ears, and the bystanders who were just collecting their wits were shocked once more by Ji Li’s actions.

Ji Li widened his eyes in disbelief, his coarse face a sea of pain. Completely stunned, he stared in shock at his palm, which was still hovering in mid-air.

What… what exactly was happening?!

Before Ji Li could comprehend the situation, his other hand rose without his control. Everyone drew a sharp breath as Ji Li’s heavy hand viciously slapped his own left cheek.

This slap was even more resounding.

The imprint of his five fingers flamed red on Ji Li’s cheek. His lip cracked and the blood trickled down.

“Has Steward Ji gone mad?” the startled youths asked.

Had Ji Li just slapped himself in front of everyone?

HAd a demon possessed him?

No one could understand the situation. Ji Li had just been aggressively scolding Ji Fengyan when the latter had spoken two simple sentences, and now Ji Li was kneeling and slapping himself.

However, the matter was not at an end.

Ji Li’s face was burning with pain, but it was as if an invisible force had bound his hands. Both hands took turns to wildly slap his face.


Smack! Smack!

One resounding slap followed another, the sound exploding in everyone’s ears.

It was as if someone had taken over Ji Li’s body. He knelt before Ji Fengyan, frenziedly slapping himself. Every slap was vicious and after a short while, his cheeks were so swollen his face resembled a pig’s head.

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