Chapter 180 - Going Too Far (5)

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Chapter 180: Going Too Far (5)

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Ji Li could not recall how many times he had slapped himself. He was already light-headed from being struck repeatedly. Even worse, the two others beside him were also spanked when they tried to intervene.

From an onlookers’ point of view, Ji Li had simply gone mad. Not only was he torturing himself, he wouldn’t even allow others to stop his crazy behavior.

The two servants who were hit by Ji Li dared not confront him again. They timidly retreated to the side, staring at that swollen face with a heavy heart.

Steward’s blows were heavy—as expected from that of a cultivation practitioner. Just those two slaps nearly knocked their teeth out.

The servants were already grimacing in pain from two mere slaps—it could only be imagined just how much pain Ji Li was enduring from the hundreds of blows he had inflicted upon himself.

He clearly understood now, the helpless torment of being beaten nearly to death by himself.

Despite Ji Fengyan’s persuasions, Ji Li appeared to have no intention of stopping. She turned towards the tutors with an innocent look, spreading her hands in resignation—she had already tried her best.

A few of the more daring tutors tried to stop Ji Li’s self-harm, but to no avail…

They all backed off after being slapped by Ji Li.

In the end, no one else dared to intervene. They could only watch in creeping horror as Ji Li beat himself to a pulp.

After goodness knows how much time had passed, Ji Li finally succumbed to the dizzy fatigue that follows a mad frenzy. He fell to the ground with a thump, his usually sunken cheeks now swollen to the size of steamed buns. The skin and flesh of his palms had also split open, and his entire body twitched uncontrollably on the floor.

“Quickly! Help steward get up!” The tutors recovered their senses and frantically carried Ji Li back into the room to rest.

In the midst of all that chaos, Ji Fengyan lifted the imprisoning force on those kneeling youths outside the martial arts arena. While everyone was busy checking up on Ji Li and those youths, Ji Fengyan leisurely strolled out of the martial arts arena with Bai Ze in tow.

While everyone was in a tizzy outside the martial arts arena, Ji Fengyan headed unhurriedly toward her shabby little compound. Bai Ze followed at her heels, lying down by her side in the middle of her room.

Propping up her jaw with one hand, Ji Fengyan casually stroked Bai Ze—but her eyes were burning with a savage glitter.

News of Ji Li’s mad self-flagellation outside the martial arts arena spread quickly throughout the Ji family.

The next morning, Ji Fengyan was just waking up when there was an urgent knock on the door.

Ji Fengyan casually answered, but had yet to get up when the door was opened from the outside.

“Ninth Mistress, Old Master Ji is requesting your presence at the front hall. He wants to speak with you about something.”

Old Master Ji?

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly.

Old Master Ji of the Ji family—wouldn’t that be the eldest son of Ji Ru, the family head; as well as the father of Ji Mubai?

“What does Oldest Uncle want me for?” Ji Fengyan asked.

A cold and impatient voice sounded from outside the door. “Since Old Master Ji asked for you, he naturally has something to ask you. Ninth Mistress, kindly prepare yourself quickly and follow me without further delay. He is already waiting at the front hall.”

Traces of a smile danced upon Ji Fengyan’s lips. She patted Bai Ze on the head and said lightly, “Little Bai, let me bring you along to watch a good show, okay?”

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