Chapter 183 - Interrogation (3)

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Chapter 183: Interrogation (3)

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Everyone looked disbelievingly at Ji Fengyan, who had made such a shocking speech. In her ten plus years at the Ji home, when had she ever said anything rebellious? Even when Ji Qiu and the others had asked Ji Fengyan to hand over the Emperor’s gifts and the World-Termination-Armour right after Ji Yun’s death, Ji Fengyan had not dared to protest.

Today, however… she dared to publicly defy Ji Qiu!

Had Ji Fengyan gone mad?

Ji He frowned and said, “Little Nine, what are you saying? This is not a joking matter.”

Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly and said clearly, “I will not hand the World-Termination-Armour over to you.”


Just as Ji Fengyan finished speaking, Ji Qiu struck the wooden table next to him so hard that it smashed. His stern eyes narrowed unhappily.

Ji Qiu lowered his voice. “Ji Fengyan, do you remember what you said earlier?”

Ji Fengyan smilingly replied, “I’m sorry. I was attacked on my way and sustained some injuries. As a result, my memory has become very poor and I cannot recall what I said earlier.”

I just won’t admit to it! Bite me if you like!

Ji Qiu’s eyebrows twitched slightly as he looked at Ji Fengyan. Ji Fengyan was clearly implying something, but what was she hinting at? He glanced at Ji He and with a slight tremble, Ji He laughingly said, “Little Nine, your joke isn’t funny at all. The World-Termination-Armour is useless to you. You are aware of how little power you have now. Even with the World-Termination-Armour, I am afraid you won’t be able to enter the battlefield. You are your father’s only child. If anything happened to you on the battlefield, we would be ashamed to face your father in the future. Stop teasing your Oldest Uncle and I… we only want what is best for you.”

What was best for her?

Ji Fengyan inwardly laughed coldly, then willfully sat on a nearby chair and looked at Ji He and Ji Qiu smilingly.

“In that case, Uncles, please don’t worry. Since the World-Termination-Armour was left to me by my father, I would have no regrets even if I died on the battlefield.”

“Ji Fengyan, stop your act! It’s not that you can’t remember. You just can’t bear to hand over the World-Termination-Armour. You’re used to throwing your weight around in Ji City, no wonder you’re now unwilling to fulfill your promise. Oldest Uncle and the rest are concerned that you might be injured on the battlefield, but you don’t appreciate their good intentions.” Ji Qingshang could keep quiet no longer. She eyed Ji Fengyan dismissively and snorted, “Aren’t you even aware of your moral obligations? The World-Termination-Armour is very rare. Do you think that just anyone can possess it? If all the future terminators in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon were as weak and useless as you, we would just be waiting for the Demon Clan army to charge right in. I never thought your greed would blind you to the death of citizens. I don’t know how the Ji Family ever raised someone as heartless as you!”

Every word that Ji Qingshang said was unbearably sarcastic. No one in the hall came forward to defend Ji Fengyan. They merely waited for her to obediently hand over the World-Termination-Armour.

“You are entirely unfit to own the World-Termination-Armour!” Ji Qingshang glared at Ji Fengyan. “In what ways can you compare to Brother Mubai? Please, don’t monopolize the World-Termination-Armour to fulfill your selfish desires! That would cause Fifth Uncle’s spirit in heaven to be uneasy!”

Ji Fengyan looked at Ji Qingshang’s aggressive attitude, glanced at the silent Ji Mubai and the unhappy Ji Qiu, and her mouth curved into a small sarcastic smile. She lightly tugged open her robe to reveal the armor seal.

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