Chapter 186 - Wasted Efforts (3)

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Chapter 186: Wasted Efforts (3)

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“Wh… what…” Dazed, Ji Qingshang’s smile had frozen upon her lips. She stared dumbfounded at Ji Qiu’s dour face.

“Oldest… Oldest Uncle, you were saying… I… am to kneel? Wh… why?” Ji Qingshang could not understand what was happening at all. It was clearly Ji Fengyan who was in the wrong—why was she the one who had to get on her knees?

Ji Qiu looked coldly at Ji Qingshang, his tone of voice making it clear that there was no room for disobedience. “Ji Qingshang, are you defying my words?”

Ji Qingshang trembled. Under Ji Qiu’s fixed gaze, she started shaking uncontrollably, both her legs gone to mush.

“Bro… Brother…?” Ji He was likewise stunned.

“Kneel down!” Ji Qiu bellowed.

With a shudder, Ji Qingshang’s legs gave way and she fell to her knees in the hall. Her lovely face had turned ghastly pale.

Ji Fengyan watched the whole scene with traces of a smile.

Ji Qiu turned his gaze mildly toward the amused Ji Fengyan, but the words he spoke were directed at Ji Qingshang. “Ji Qingshang, you have been spoiled from young, turning you into such a brazen and arrogant character. Did you not realize how disrespectful you were when you uttered those words!”

Ji Qingshang shuddered. She had always been deeply fearful of the stern Ji Qiu since a young age. “Qing… Qingshang didn’t know…”

Ji Qiu said, “The World-Termination-Armour is the source of the Ji family’s glory. We have passed it down for generations through the Ji family. Who knows how many youths within the Ji family had donned the World-Termination-Armour going into the fierce battle with the Demon Clan! The World-Termination-Armour does not only belong to the Ji family but belongs to the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. You are just a half-grown young girl, yet you dare make crazy rants about killing the Terminator, owner of the World-Termination-Armour. Should an outsider hear your words, what misunderstandings would they have about the Ji family? Do you want others to think that the Ji family are people who only hanker after wealth and glory? That we are willing to kill our very own family members for the World-Termination-Armour?”

At Ji Qiu’s sharp words, Ji Qingshang had gone completely mute. Unable to even raise her head, she could only continue kneeling on the ground, shivering.

Finishing his lecture at Ji Qingshang, Ji Qiu regarded Ji Fengyan again. “Ji Fengyan, your father had left you the World-Termination-Armour after all. Now that you have accidentally marked it, you are from now on the Terminator of the Ji family. Initially, I had planned to have you pass the World-Termination-Armour to Ji Mubai—solely with the intention of preserving the bloodline of us five brothers. Ultimately, you are still a woman, lacking in power. The risks you will face when you enter the battlefield in the future… well… now that things have turned out this way, I will not speak more on this. I will arrange for a Ji family tutor to guide you on your cultivation as soon as possible. I only hope that you are able to attain some life-saving powers before you head onto the battlefield.”

Despite his dispassionate tone, Ji Qiu’s resounding voice still shocked everyone. It appeared that everything he did was for Ji Fengyan’s sake—his motives wholly selfless.

Ji Qingshang was totally speechless. Her heart burned wild with hatred, but she could only clench her fists with her head still lowered.

Ji He held a strange expression, at once smiling but also contemplative. On the contrary, Ji Mubai—whose destiny with the World-Termination-Armour had been completely cut—had not spoken a single world. It was as if he had not taken this loss to heart at all.

Ji Fengyan took in the reactions of the crowd and replied pleasantly, “Well then, I am very grateful to Oldest Uncle for his kind sentiments. However, I already have a tutor, so there is no need for Oldest Uncle choose another one for me.”

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