Chapter 187 - Wasted Efforts (4)

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Chapter 187: Wasted Efforts (4)

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“Oh?” Ji Qiu was faintly startled.

Ji Fengyan said, “I met Tutor Ye Yuan when I made an earlier visit to the martial arts arena. Tutor has already personally agreed to guide me.”

Ji Qiu gave a small nod. “That’s naturally for the best.”

“Yes.” With that, Ji Fengyan retrieved a thick ledger from her pocket.

At the sight of that ledger, surprise darted across Ji Qiu’s eyes. It was something that Ji Qiu was extremely familiar with. But he had no idea why Ji Fengyan had suddenly presented this item.

“The items bestowed upon me by His Majesty when I became the Terminator has been temporarily stored at the Ji family all these while. Oldest Uncle had previously said the Ji family looked after me for so many years—so you will take these items as compensation for the losses borne by the Ji family, right?” Ji Fengyan said with a smile.

The corners of Ji Qiu’s brows twitched slightly as he looked toward Ji He.

His Majesty had bestowed numerous treasures to Ji Fengyan. At that time, they had agreed to confiscate everything—that matter had been carried out by Ji He.

Ji He stepped forward. “That’s right. Although you are a descendant of the Ji family, you can clearly see that your Oldest Uncle, your two aunts and I have all sacrificed a lot for the Ji family. Even the daily expenses of your brother Mubai and the others are all borne by your Oldest Uncle himself.”

“Oh? Does this mean that my father didn’t send any money home all those years?” Chilly mirth glinted in Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

Ever savvy, Ji He knew that Ji Fengyan had come prepared the moment he saw the ledger in her hands. “It wasn’t that he didn’t send any money at all, but the amount he sent was far from enough to cover your daily expenses. In addition, the cost of the yearly festivities, such as your grandfather’s birthday—all these have to be deducted from the money sent by your father. This and that, they all add up—it left not much money.”

Well now, Ji He could spin things any way he wanted. Whether Ji Yunqiang sent money and how that money was spent—didn’t they have the final say?

Ji Fengyan gazed pleasantly at Ji He as he continued his barrage of explanations. She suddenly raised her hand and flung the ledger at Ji He’s feet!

“Could I then trouble Second Uncle to tell me—the military wages that my father usually sends, plus the treasures he received from His Majesty after becoming the Terminator—how were they all completely used up?” Ji Fengyan asked with a low voice and a cold smile.

Ji He got a great shock. Other than Ji Yunqiang’s monthly military wages, he never expected Ji Fengyan to raise the matter of the very first treasures gifted by His Majesty.

It must be pointed out that every single Terminator would receive a sizable wealth from His Majesty when they inherited the World-Termination-Armour.

Moreover, Ji Yunqiang had not taken a single cent with him when he entered the battlefield!

Looking faintly ill, Ji He held a stiff face as he picked up the ledger. He flipped through it page by page, his face suddenly taking on a weird and sickly cast.

That ledger held a clear record of every single treasure and financial riches that His Majesty had bestowed upon Ji Yunqiang when he first became the Terminator. In addition, the monthly soldier’s wages sent by Ji Yunqiang via military courier had also been noted down to the exact date and courier’s name for each and every month!

As smart and capable as Ji He was, he couldn’t even manage a smile in the face of all these detailed records.

Taking into account the money that Ji Yunqiang had sent to the Ji family all these years, it certainly added up to a considerable sum!

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