Chapter 188 - Payback Time (1)

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Chapter 188: Payback Time (1)

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Let’s not talk about rearing just one newborn baby until she was fourteen years of age—it would be no burden at all even if they had to feed ten of them!

Ji He would have never imagined that Ji Fengyan had such an item in her possession!

“These things, where did you get them from? It’s probably an outsider trying to stir up trouble—it’s not to be trusted.” Ji He forced down the rising terror in his heart, putting on a calm facade.

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows at Ji He, who was pretending so hard to maintain his composure. Unhurriedly, she walked toward a nearby chair and languidly sat down, crossing her legs. Propping up her jaw with one hand, she said, “Second Uncle, these records came from the military. Every line penned down by the imperial censor accompanying the army. Didn’t you know that His Majesty assigns an attending censor to every Terminator? If you don’t believe me, you can look at the seal at the back of the ledger.”

Heart beating furiously, Ji He flipped to the last page of the ledger. Indeed, there was a red seal stamped clearly on it!

Before a Terminator heads onto the battlefield, His Majesty would assign a dependable imperial censor to accompany him. One reason was to put forth advice. The other was to record the Terminator’s achievements.

After Ji Yunqiang’s death, his attending censor had returned to the capital. However, he left that ledger to Linghe and company before his departure!

Linghe and the others had not taken the ledger out before as Ji Fengyan’s former self was weak. Even if they had laid out everything for her, the Ji Fengyan of the past would never have dared to confront the Ji family.


Now this body had a new owner!

“This…” Ji He’s face looked increasingly ill. His forehead had already broken out in an uncontrollable cold sweat. There was no way he could deny this ledger—it was all there in black and white.

If Ji Fengyan had not marked the World-Termination-Armour, Ji He could have cared less about this. But looking at Ji Qiu’s earlier attitude, it was obvious that Ji Fengyan’s status had been acknowledged.


With the level of protection afforded by her status, if Ji He dared to deal harshly with Ji Fengyan again or seize her wealth—she only needed to report it to His Majesty and Ji He would have it coming!

“Well? Has Second Uncle suddenly become a mute? Haven’t you always been the most eloquent of speakers?” Ji Fengyan was grinning at Ji He’s distress, but her eyes held no goodwill.

Ji Qiu watched the entire scene coldly. Witnessing Ji He’s uneasiness, he wrinkled his brows slightly. “Second Brother.”

“Eldest… Eldest Brother…?” Ji He raised his head in an instant, his face already dripping with cold sweat.

Ji Qiu said in a low voice, “That year, you had only just taken over the Ji family’s accounts, and it’s inevitable that there would be some errors. Nevertheless, you can’t deny that you miscalculated Fifth Brother’s accounts—shouldn’t you apologize to Fengyan?”

Ji He recovered his senses, immediately recognizing that Ji Qiu was offering him a way out. Smiling at Ji Fengyan, he said, “Fengyan, as you can see, this was all a careless mistake by Second Uncle. I will get someone to recalculate everything at once.”

Ji Fengyan had observed Ji Qiu and Ji He’s interaction, her heart full of amusement.

I’d like to see how long you all could keep this up!

Get ready for my next move!

“Since Second Uncle wants to calculate, please do so meticulously. Apart from these two accounts, I still have a few dozen ledgers with me—starting from the year that my father took on the role of Hu City’s City Lord. According to the rules, the Terminator is entitled to twenty years of the taxes received by Hu City. It appears that this money was also sent to the Ji family?” Ji Fengyan spoke up with another smile. After a short silence, she slammed dozens of ledgers onto the table with a bang!

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