Chapter 189 - Payback Time (2)

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Chapter 189: Payback Time (2)

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The dozens of ledgers strewn before Ji He felt like direct blows to his heart.

Ji He’s face had turned entirely green—there was no way he could have known that Ji Fengyan had brought so many ledgers with her. She had obviously turned up well-prepared!

A similarly strange feeling rose in Ji Qiu’s heart, and he immediately looked toward the kneeling Ji Qingshang. With a small shiver, she hurriedly shook her head.

She had no idea Ji Fengyan had brought back all those ledgers with her.

“I would have to trouble Second Uncle to kindly provide me a time—so that I can send someone to collect the things.” Ji Fengyan beamed at the Ji family’s pale faces. These things had all been prepared by Linghe earlier—it was just a pity that her former self had no use for them and allowed others to take advantage!

Ji He’s face had turned a ghastly green shade, and he looked in panic toward Ji Qiu.

Ji He had taken over the Ji family’s accounts for some time. With his natural talent for numbers—even without those ledgers—he could mentally sum up everything that they had taken from Ji Yun all these years. Hu City was not a small town like Ji City—it was a prosperous place. The taxes received yearly amounted to a considerable figure—all of which had fallen into the pockets of the Ji family and long been squandered away.

Ji Fengyan’s words made it clear her intentions were to extract payback from them. But—

The money had already been frittered away and those treasures long been divided up and depleted. How in the world would Ji He be able to recover them for Ji Fengyan?

Ji Qiu was also speechless.

He had intended to recall Ji Fengyan and force her to hand over the World-Termination-Armour.

But now…

Not only was the World-Termination-Armour now out of their reach, this young girl was actually looking to settle scores with them?

Ji Qiu felt like he had just swallowed something disgusting.

“Ninth Sister, let’s not be hasty. Your Second Uncle had already made a mistake previously—we must reconcile the figures accurately this time or we would really be letting you down. Now that you have returned home, why not just relax and take a break in the capital, and allow Second Uncle and the Ji family accountants time to carefully recalculate the numbers?”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyes toward Ji Mubai, the corners of her lips curving up. She smiled ironically at Ji Mubai. “Brother Mubai, your words do make some sense.”

Ji Mubai returned her smile.

Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan continued. “However, to be honest, I don’t have much experience wrangling with such matters. I just need Oldest Uncle to give me his word on something, that’s all.”

Ji Qiu frowned slightly. As the next head of the house, he had yet to enter into any sort of negotiations with a Junior.

Noticing his father’s expression, Ji Mubai smiled again. “Ninth Sister, why don’t you let us know what kind of promise you are looking for? I am sure my father will agree if it is within reason.”

An imperceptible flash of cunning crossed Ji Fengyan’s eyes. Her face maintained an amiable expression. “It’s not a big deal. I just hope that Oldest Uncle can permit me to use my own things as I deem fit.”

Ji Mubai felt a secret sense of relief. He had worried about what Ji Fengyan would say.

Ji Qiu’s brows relaxed as he recalled that Ji Fengyan’s compound held nothing of value. He reluctantly nodded, giving his assent.

“Could Oldest Uncle please put this down in writing?” Ji Fengyan asked seriously.

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