Chapter 190 - Payback Time (3)

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Chapter 190: Payback Time (3)

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“Little Nine, surely there isn’t a need for a written contract?” Ji He felt that Ji Fengyan had become somewhat more agreeable—a complete shift from the overbearing persona who presented the ledgers.

Who knew if he was getting the wrong impression.

Ji Fengyan smiled. “I trust that Oldest Uncle will not go back on a promise to a Junior like me. This is just to offer proof of Oldest Uncle’s fairness and impartiality.”

Ji Fengyan placed Ji Qiu on such a high pedestal that he had no choice but to put his promise down in writing—not doing so would make it seem like he meant to go back on his word!

With a dark face, Ji Qiu wrote up a contract with Ji Fengyan. She nimbly took it from Ji Qiu and happily placed it in her pocket.

“Any other questions?” Ji Qiu asked grimly.

“Nope.” Ji Fengyan’s smile was exceptionally radiant.

Ji Qiu felt extremely stifled by her dazzling grin. Taking a deep breath, he said, “You may take your leave.”

Ji Fengyan nodded and headed toward the door.

Just as she reached the doorway, Ji Fengyan turned her head in the direction of Ji He, who was picking up the ledgers. She said pleasantly, “Second Uncle.”

“Ah?” Anxiety trickled down Ji He’s back.

“I forgot to tell you that these ledgers are just copies. The originals are at Brother Ling’s.” Without waiting for Ji He’s response, Ji Fengyan swaggered out of sight with Bai Ze in tow, humming a little tune.

Little did she know that Ji He’s face had gone white as a sheet after hearing her parting words.

Gazing at those two ledgers, Ji He’s expression darkened. He turned toward Ji Qiu. “Eldest Brother, what should we do now?”

Ji Mubai directed his gaze in Ji Mubai’s direction, who also held a somewhat strange expression.

“Mubai, I am afraid you have underestimated the enemy. This young girl is obviously playing dumb while having every intention to destroy us. She had been with the Ji family for so many years, yet we failed to see how vicious her heart is.” Ji Qiu narrowed his eyes; all pretense at being just and fair flying out the window.

Ji Mubai took a deep breath and lowered his head. “Your son has been too careless. I originally wanted to stall her, so as to allow Second Uncle time to clear up those ledgers. I never imagined she would have something else up her sleeve.”

As long as she didn’t have those ledgers, Ji Fengyan could talk until the sky fell down and still not be able to raise any trouble.

“She is Fifth Brother’s daughter after all, indeed a right handful. The World-Termination-Armour, I am afraid she never had the intention of handing it over. It is our own fault for being so careless.” Ji Qiu frowned deeply. The successive blows by Ji Fengyan had given him a choking pain in his chest.

“Oldest Uncle… if you knew what kind of person Ji Fengyan is, why then did you…” Still kneeling on the floor, Ji Qingshang could no longer keep silent.

Suddenly remembering Ji Qingshang, Ji He rushed over to help her up. “Qingshang, you were too callow. Ji Fengyan is nonetheless a member of the Ji family, if we were to make a move on her ourselves and His Majesty found out, not only will your Brother Mubai not inherit the World-Termination-Armour, His Majesty may very well confiscate it. Anything goes as long as Ji Fengyan hadn’t marked the World-Termination-Armour. Now that she has, the Ji family will be held answerable should anything happen to her in our residence.”

“Then… then what should we do?” Ji Qingshang was stunned. She had absolutely no desire to see Ji Fengyan strutting around!

Ji He didn’t say a word but just looked at Ji Qiu.

Ji Qiu narrowed his eyes. “We cannot make a move, but it doesn’t mean an outsider can’t.” Ji Qiu ‘explained’ to Ji Qingshang.

“Qingshang, I need you to do something…”

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