Chapter 191 - The Barracks (1)

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Chapter 191: The Barracks (1)

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Ji Fengyan took a turn around the mansion, but every servant who passed her looked lifeless and all of them pretended not to see her.

Since she was at loose ends and in a good mood, Ji Fengyan brought Bai Ze out of the Ji House. She asked for directions to the barracks, intending to see how Linghe and the others were doing.

It was a prosperous capital and although it was already evening; the streets were still crowded. Both sides of the broad streets were lined with hawkers with a dazzling array of goods.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s capital differed completely from the peaceful Ji City. Every corner pulsed with a lively and prosperous vibe and many of the pedestrians dressed luxuriously.

But what really interested Ji Fengyan were the swaggering mercenaries.

Ji Fengyan had picked up bits and pieces of information about this world’s mercenaries from Linghe and the others. Her own guards mostly cultivated the body. They were either swordsmen or riders, and there were even a few archers, but not a single one cultivated the spirit.

Ye Yuan had said that cultivating the spirit was more dependent on inborn talent and started when the person was young. Hence, even ordinarily wealthy families might not be able to financially support spirit cultivation. Besides hiring a tutor to guide the person, they needed to take medications to modulate the spirit when they were young and the cost was considerable.

Ji Fengyan’s gaze passed over two people who were dressed in long robes and holding serpentine wooden staffs. These two threaded their way through the crowd and everyone subconsciously made way for them.

Under the gaze of the crowd, the golden insignias on their chests were especially striking, twinkling in the last rays of the setting sun.

“Are these sorcerers?” Ji Fengyan’s quickly thought back to the time when she had just been reincarnated and recalled the group of people standing near her who had wielded wooden staffs. She vaguely remembered Linghe saying that those people were sorcerers.

Ji Fengyan did not pursue the thought any further, and she led Bai Ze towards the barracks.

The barracks stood in a corner of the capital. It was the temporary residence of soldiers who had left the encampment, but had not been discharged from the army lists, and were still considered soldiers of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Linghe and the others had left in a hurry and although they had paid their respects, they still had some loose ends to tidy up.

Ji Fengyan stood before the wide-open doors of the barracks. She could see that the interior was akin to a campground with many tents. Some structures stood among the tents, but these were not as striking as the numerous glossy, green tents.

The entire barracks had a solemn and dignified feel. The men passing in and out were all tall and imposing. As they passed through the entrance, their subconsciously slowed to look at the young girl who had suddenly appeared at the entrance and that… that dainty little white deer.

Ji Fengyan was just thinking of asking someone about the whereabouts of Linghe and the others when she suddenly heard an exclamation from behind her. She immediately turned and saw Zuo Nuo returning, carrying a deep brown urn.

“Miss, why have you come?” Zuo Nuo looked at Ji Fengyan in surprise. If it were not that Bai Ze was so conspicuous, he might not have recognized her!

Ji Fengyan smilingly looked at Zuo Nuo and said, “It was boring at the Ji house so I came to look for all of you.”

Zuo Nuo was slightly taken aback. He ushered Ji Fengyan into the barracks, all the while muttering about whether the Ji family had mistreated Ji Fengyan.

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