Chapter 193 - The Barracks (3)

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Chapter 193: The Barracks (3)

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Before the battle, Ji Yun discussed their strategy with the general of the Green Nightmare Army. They decided that Ji Yun and his troops would act as bait while the Green Nightmare Army would encircle the enemy and they would attack together from both within and outside the circle.


While Ji Yun led his troops according to the plan and deliberately walked into the Demon Clan’s trap and allowed the Demon Clan to surround them, at the moment when the encircling Green Nightmare Army should have appeared, they did not attack. In that battle, almost all of Ji Yun’s troops were lost.

Even though much time had passed, Zuo Nuo still could not forget the blood-soaked horizon of that terrible day, or forget his brothers who had heroically but desperately fought the Demon Clan in a bloodbath. That day, over ninety percent of Ji Yun’s ten thousand troops perished and fewer than a hundred men were fortunate enough to survive the battlefield.

Zuo Nuo and the rest had fought the Demon Clan to the bitter end, but when they had reached the end of their strength, they still could not escape death. At the last, desperate moment, they had seen the Green Nightmare Army banners appear on the side of the mountain. They saw the Green Nightmare Army soldiers spur their horses forward and slaughter the much-depleted Demon Clan.

However, they were too late…

by half a day.

Half a day had cost Ji Yun his life and resulted in over nine thousand warriors spilling their blood on the battlefield.

By the time Zuo Nuo had recounted past events up to this point, his hands were shaking uncontrollably and his blood-shot eyes were glaring at Hu Sisheng, who was wearing the Green Nightmare Army armor.

“Miss, we are not men who take things too hard. Since we were committed to the battlefield, we were already prepared to die in battle. But…” Zuo Nuo’s brow contracted in pain and his eyes were full of heart-rending grief.

“We can suffer defeat, and even death… but not like this!”

Zuo Nuo took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed the grief and anger rising in his heart.

They had only made such a plan with the Green Nightmare Army because they had trusted them. Only Ji Yun’s loyalty and faith had led him to bring his troops deep into danger.

However, Ji Yun would never have imagined that as fellow servants of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, the Green Nightmare Army would cast their trust and their lives into the mire of death!

Ji Fengyan looked at Zuo Nuo’s grieving and angry face, then looked at Linghe and the others who were opposing Hu Sisheng. A strange depression fell on her heart.

In the crowd, the Green Nightmare Army soldiers, led by Hu Sisheng, were using the Green Nightmare Army’s status to display a superior attitude. However, they were silenced by the imposing demeanor of Linghe and the others.

“Linghe, I heard that after Ji Yun died, you did not remain in the army but ran off to guard a young child? Why? Is that what you are proud of? Has the Demon Clan beaten the courage out of you? You don’t dare enter the battlefield any longer? I think that’s quite normal. I would be frightened too if I were you, after all, you crawled out of a pile of nearly ten thousand bodies… Ah, actually I have always been curious, how did you survive such a fierce battle? Or perhaps I should say…” Hu Sisheng smilingly narrowed his eyes and maliciously looked at Linghe and the others. “Perhaps you pretended to be dead?”

Hu Sisheng’s words were like a dagger, publicly reopening the old wounds in the hearts of Linghe and the others.

Linghe and the others were wearing terrible expressions. Linghe suddenly raised the sword in his hand, pointed to Hu Sisheng and said, “Hu Sisheng, stop twisting the truth. You and the Green Nightmare Army know the truth behind the situation that day! Today we are going to have a reckoning!”

“Oh? I doubt you can.” Hu Sisheng laughed coldly and his scornful gaze swept across Linghe. “Linghe, I think you do have some talent. If you wise up, I can put in a good word for you with our general and let you join the Green Nightmare Army. Even if you don’t have the courage to enter the battlefield, you should be good enough to be an army cook.

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