Chapter 223 - Return It to Me (3)

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Chapter 223: Return It to Me (3)

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Ji Qingshang stared at Ji Fengyan and was dying to rip apart her bones.

“This is my room, what right do you have to enter!”

Ji Fengyan laughed softly and casually scanned the untidy room. She said casually, “Your room? If I’m not wrong, Ji Qingshang, your surname was originally Lin right?”

Ji Fengyan’s words made Ji Qingshang stunned slightly and her expression was ghastly.

Ji Qingshang’s father Lin Yueyang was adopted from outside and only changed his name to Ji Yueyang after entering the Ji family. The Lin family was previously a noble family in the capital city but fraught with misfortunes, they were wiped out and Lin Yueyang could only depend on Ji family for many years. After becoming an adult, because of his outstanding capabilities and recommendation by the Ji family, the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon recognised him. Then, he could exempt Lin family from its past offence and rebuild Lin family from scratch.

And after that, Lin Yueyang also reverted back to his original surname and married Ji Qingshang’s mother. Even though he had established his own family, his daughter still had the surname Ji, which was a form of gratitude towards Ji family’s many years of raising him.

Ji Qingshang was brought back to the Ji family by her mother when she was about five or six-year-old but honestly speaking, she was not as closely related to Ji family as Ji Fengyan was.

None of the people from Ji family mentioned this, and everyone treated Ji Qingshang as if she was the rightful Miss of Ji family.

Ji Qingshang’s face was unpleasant as she listened to Ji Fengyan suddenly bringing this up.


Ji Fengyan only casually said, “This yard was where my father and mother wedded. After my mother died from a difficult childbirth and my father went to battlefield, this place was originally supposed to be mine, except that you had borrowed it for a few years, so how has this place become yours?”

During the time that Ji Fengyan was speaking, Ji He had already reached the room. When he heard Ji Fengyan’s words, he was a little taken aback.

When Ji Qingshang requested from Ji Qiu to move here, Ji Qiu had used the excuse that Ji Qingshang was young to convince Ji Fengyan to allow her to temporarily stay here, causing Ji Fengyan to have to move out. However, this temporary stay eventually became permanent and no one bothered to pursue Ji Qiu about what he had said previously.

“Fengyan, you sound too heartless. Qingshang and you are considered sisters, so why does it matter what belongs to whom…” seeing that Ji Fengyan did not come with kind intentions, Ji He immediately laughed to try to ease the tension.

But Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “Second Uncle, isn’t there a saying that even blood-related brothers have to claim what’s theirs?”

The smile on Ji He’s face froze.

“Ji Fengyan, what exactly do you want? Grandfather is the true head of the Ji family. Now that Grandfather is unwell, and the Eldest Uncle is temporarily taking over his role, is there a place for you to speaking?” Ji Qingshang said coldly.

“Oh?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly, and looked at Ji Qingshang with a faint smile, saying, “since this is the case, the one making decisions for Ji family now is the Eldest Uncle?”

“That is naturally the case!” Ji Qingshang lifted her chin slightly.

Ji Fengyan suddenly bursted out in laughter, took out a piece of paper from her waist pouch, and slammed it loudly on the table!

“Then it’s even easier to settle matters! The Eldest Uncle has already allowed me to settle everything my own way. If I am not wrong, everything and everyone in this yard was recorded under my ownership in the family records, so naturally I have the right to deal with everthing here.” As Ji Fengyan spoke, she lifted her head slightly to look at Ji Qingshang’s face that had already turned sheet white.

“What… what did you say?” Ji Qingshang’s eyes widened in disbelief as she could not believe what she had heard.

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