Chapter 224 - Return It to Me (4)

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Chapter 224: Return It to Me (4)

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Ji He, who was at the side, was also filled with surprise as he looked at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan opened up the piece of paper in her hands slowly. The two sentences written on it had powerful strokes and were obviously written by Ji Qiu.

“Second Uncle, when the Eldest Uncle wrote this note, you were also present. Shouldn’t you be very clear about what the Eldest Uncle had given me permission with?” Ji Fengyan said and looked at Ji He, who had already turned green from shock.

Ji He’s expression turned sheet white. He finally realised this moment the reason Ji Fengyan had asked Ji Qiu to write down this note!

This brat had obviously already planned everything out!

Ji Qiu had initially given her permission only to stall time, but unexpectedly, Ji Fengyan had already plotted everything. This piece of note had become a protection amulet for her now!

Seeing that Ji He’s face was turning distasteful, Ji Fengyan’s lips curled into a wider grin.

“Why? Don’t tell me that Second Uncle has grown so old that you have become forgetful? It just happened recently, yet you can’t remember?”

Ji He took a glance at Ji Fengyan and felt his heart tightening, but he could only laugh dryly. “This… I naturally still remember it…”

Ji Fengyan nodded, satisfied, and then kept that piece of note. With both legs crossed, she looked at the pale-looking Ji Qingshang with a calm expression and said, “since Second Uncle remembers, and Eldest Uncle have already given me permission, then Ji Qingshang, may I trouble to ask your maidservants to act quickly and move all your things out of this yard.”

Ji Qingshang stared at Ji Fengyan in disbelief. “What do you mean?!”

“What do I mean?” Ji Fengyan laughed softly and replied, “Was I not clear enough? This yard belongs to me and I would like to get back my right to use it now. If your items are still not out by tonight, I will assume that you don’t want them anymore and how I deal with them will be up to me.”

“Ji Fengyan! Don’t you go overboard! Who are you to do this…” Ji Qingshang could not believe that Ji Fengyan had become so bold.

Ji Fengyan actually dared to force her to move out of this yard?

On what basis?

Ji Qingshang still wanted to continue, but Ji He could tell that the situation was awry. He immediately rushed forward to hold back Ji Qingshang, who was already seething with rage. Then, he looked at Ji Fengyan with all smiles and said, “Fengyan, why are you doing this? Qingshang has been staying here for so many years, if you ask her to move out so suddenly, isn’t it a little too unreasonable? If your aunt knows about this, she would most likely blame us for mistreating her daughter.”

Ji Fengyan looked at Ji He, who was pretending to be kind, and smiled even more sarcastic.

“Second Uncle, do you remember how old I was when I moved out of this place?”

Ji Fengyan’s question dumbfounded him.

When Ji Fengyan was forced to move out of this yard, she was merely a child.

“This place originally was left behind by my parents. My father had only been to the battlefield for a few years and you guys made me move out so that Ji Qingshang could stay in it for almost ten years. Don’t tell me that you aren’t worried that my father would rise out from hell and blame you for mistreating his daughter?” Ji Fengyan looked straight into Ji He’s eyes.

Even though Ji Qingshang was precious to them, why should she be the one to give in?

It was a pity that she was not as gullible as the original owner of this body.

Ji Fengyan’s words stunned Ji He silent and his face turned ghastly pale.

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