Chapter 225 - Getting It All Back (1)

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Chapter 225: Getting It All Back (1)

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In Ji family, Ji Fengyan was the Miss with the least significant presence. Not just the precious Ji Qingshang, even the outsiders in the family could bully her however they wanted to. Who would expect that Ji Fengyan would actually rip apart the shameful Ji family like this?

“I don’t wish to fuss about what had happened in the past, but Second Uncle, you have seen with your own eyes what the Eldest Uncle had written here. If you think that the Eldest Uncle cannot decide on behalf of the Ji family, then I shall leave now and give this place to Ji Qingshang,” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly and said.


Who would dare to respond to what Ji Fengyan had said?

Ji He’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. It was the first time that he had realised that the weak-looking young girl before him was no longer the same as the easygoing punching bag in the past.

Ji Qiu was the temporary family head, so who would dare disobey him?

Everything was like a trap that Ji Fengyan had already set long ago. Even Ji He who had a smooth tongue could not speak as his face turned pale.

“Qingshang, why don’t you… let someone help you bring all the things out.” Ji He took a deep breath as he forced a smile on his face when he looked towards Ji Qingshang at the side.

Ji Qingshang could not believe what she had heard from Ji He and her eyes widened.

“Second Uncle?! You… you are also asking me to move out?”

Ji He laughed dryly. “What are you talking about, isn’t it just switching to another place to stay in? You have also stayed in this yard for quite some time, and your Sister Linglong would be coming soon so isn’t it the perfect time for you to move to her place and accompany her after the servants have cleaned her yard?”

Ji Qingshang bit her lips. No matter how Ji He tried to sugarcoat his words, the anger in her did not subside.

She turned and looked at Ji Fengyan, who was sitting on the bed, with her eyes shooting daggers.

“If you really like it this much, I shall give up this place to you, who cares about it?” Ji Qingshang snorted.

But Ji Fengyan only replied with a light laughter. “I’m sorry but it is not you giving in to me, it’s me chasing you out.”

“You!” Ji Qingshang’s face was utterly displeased. Seeing that the situation was wrong, Ji He immediately asked one of the servants to hold back Ji Qingshang.

“You’re both sisters, so why are you not sparing each other any face? Qingshang, you should just give in to her for once,” Ji He said with a forced smile.

Ji Qingshang gritted her teeth as she stared hard at Ji Fengyan. She was so frustrated and infuriated but she could only turn around and say to her maidservants, “Why are you all still standing there? Quickly move out all my things!”

Those maidservants snapped out of their daze after being shouted at by Ji Qingshang. Every one of them walked into the room with fear as terror creeped inside them.

They had originally thought that Ji Qingshang’s return would end with punishment for Ji Fengyan but who would have expected the turnout of events…

Not only was Ji Qingshang unable to teach Ji Fengyan a lesson, she was instead driven out by Ji Fengyan!

Those maidservants who were slapped by Ji Fengyan did not dare to say anything else. All of them only lowered their heads and cautiously packed up the things in the room.

“Hold on,” Ji Fengyan looked at the maidservants who were packing up the room and suddenly spoke.

“Ji Fengyan, what else do you want!” Ji Qingshang was dying to reach out and claw at Ji Fengyan’s face.

Ji Fengyan rose from the bed with a smile and leisurely walked before Ji Qingshang’s wardrobe. She casually used her hands to browse through the wardrobe and then took out a belt that was decked with jewels.

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