Chapter 226 - Getting it all back (2)

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Chapter 226: Getting it all back (2)

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Upon seeing that belt, Ji Qingshang’s eyes were instantly set aflame.

“The eight-treasure azure belt?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly as she looked at the eight-treasure azure belt glistening with a glow.

“That is mine!” Ji Qingshang was bristling with anger as she clenched her fist tight at the side of her body.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Ji Qingshang and said with a faint laughter, “Yours? Ji Qingshang, there is only one of this eight-treasure azure belt in the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and it belonged to the list of gifts that Your Majesty had given upon me. Where did you manage to get another one?”

“It was the Eldest Uncle who gave it to me. It was long already mine, Ji Fengyan, you’d better not be too much!” Ji Qingshang was completely out of control as she broke free from the maidservant who was supporting her and charged towards Ji Fengyan to try to snatch the eight-treasure azure belt from her.

However, when Ji Fengyan lifted her hand to avoid Ji Qingshang, the long belt directly hit against Ji Qingshang’s fair and tender cheeks!

A loud slap resounded, followed by Ji Qingshang’s groan. She held her burning cheeks and stared in disbelief at Ji Fengyan.

“Second Uncle, I don’t have to repeat what I have said just now, right?” Ji Fengyan did not bother to even look at Ji Qingshang as she looked at Ji He with her half-open eyes.

A wave of chill ran down Ji He’s spine. Ji Fengyan was smiling but unknowingly, that expression made him feel fear creeping in him.

Ji Qiu had already promised that everything that belonged to Ji Fengyan would be up to her to decide.

This was originally Ji Qiu’s plan to stall for time, who knew that Ji Fengyan had actually used it against them.

As a result, even Ji He could not rebut.

“Return… return all the things that belong to Ninth Miss,” even Ji He’s voice was slightly tremulous.

When Your Majesty bestowed all the valuable treasures to Ji Fengyan, they were mostly distributed among everyone in Ji family and Ji Qingshang took many of them. Even though it was difficult to trace back the money, all the treasures given by Your Majesty were clearly recorded.

Even if Ji He had intended to fake ignorance, it was impossible.

Those maidservants could not help but shiver when they heard what Ji He had instructed. When they packed the items, they all instinctively returned all the items that belonged to Ji Fengyan.

Ji Qingshang continued to hold her pained cheeks as her eyes were bloodshot with anger and tears started to well up.

In the end, she could not bear to even look at Ji Fengyan and she turned to leave the room.

Ji He could only sigh softly. After ensuring that the maidservants had packed everything, he then exited the room.

In the huge courtyard, there was only Ji Fengyan remaining.

Ji Qingshang’s clothes and accessories were mostly moved out, and the remaining items were those that were exploited from her.

Seeing the empty room, Ji Fengyan nonchalantly walked up and closed the door. She slowly sat at the messy table and took out a stack of bright yellow paper from the space soul jade. Using her fair and tender fingers, she slowly tore the paper into a palm-sized big little man and waved it in the air…

A row of paper men were lined up on the ground.

Ji Fengyan supported her chin with her hand as she instructed the paper men. “Clean up this room.”

After she said that, those paper men immediately started to work, as if they were conscious. Ji Fengyan took out the treasures that she claimed back from Ji Qingshang and placed them on the table as her eyes smiled happily.

This was only the beginning!

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