Chapter 227 - Getting it all back (3)

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Chapter 227: Getting it all back (3)

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Barely a few days after returning to the Ji family, Ji Fengyan had successfully got back all the treasures from each and every member of the Ji family. Even those who gritted their teeth in reluctance—like Ji Qingshang—had no choice but to obediently hand over the treasures when presented with Ji Qiu’s note.

Within a few days, the entire Ji family were full of grudging complaints—each of them bearing a deep hatred toward Ji Fengyan but unable to do anything about it.

It was only because Ji Qiu had laid down the edict that no one was to touch Ji Fengyan at this point of time. As a result, everyone had no choice but to bite their tongues and swallow their anger.

The treasures gifted by His Majesty to Ji Fengyan had already been more or less retrieved, with most of them being stored at Ji Fengyan’s room. The remaining treasures were largely worthless or of the cash-in-kind variety—either already spent by the Ji family or somehow lost. Ji He had conjured multiple excuses and Ji Fengyan could not be bothered to waste her breath on him. She would rather let him slowly “make his records” and then settle her scores with him another time.

Taking advantage of these few days, Ji Fengyan removed the jewels one by one from the eight-treasure azure belt and absorbed their spiritual energy.

It must be pointed out that the treasures given by the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon were mostly premium quality items. In just a few short days, several cracks on Ji Fengyan’s inner core had already been repaired.

This really lightened Ji Fengyan’s mood considerably.

After absorbing all that she could for now, Ji Fengyan took out the cultivation book given to her by Ye Yuan and flipped through it.

Cultivation of the body referred to the development of physical strength and resilience. This was something that Ji Fengyan had never tried before. Immortal cultivation focused on Qi refinement. To achieve immortality, one must leave behind one’s mortal body—hence, most immortal cultivators did not train much on physical attributes. During battle, immortal cultivators relied mostly on the power of their inner strength.

Seated on a chair, Ji Fengyan carefully went through the whole book. She had not had a tranquil moment since being reborn, but she quickly settled into a peaceful calm now.

Finishing the entire book, Ji Fengyan gained some sort of understanding on the cultivation of the body. The core of this practice was moving steady while striking hard—there was no room for overeagerness. One must continuously improve one’s strength step by step.

After further research, Ji Fengyan rolled up the book. There were still some parts she could not understand and would have to ask Ye Yuan about them.

Heading towards the martial arts arena, Ji Fengyan met a bunch of young outsiders. Whereas they used to dismiss Ji Fengyan, these youths now hid to the side in reflex when they saw Ji Fengyan.

During this period, Ji Fengyan’s actions in the Ji family had spread far and wide. Ji Fengyan had subdued even the Ji family members themselves. They, as outsiders, hardly dared to provoke her.

Arriving at the martial arts arena, Ji Fengyan went straight to see Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was just teaching the basics to a bunch of children, all outsiders who had just been selected to enter the Ji family. Noticing Ji Fengyan, Ye Yuan had the children continue their own practice before leading her into his study.

“Have you read that book?” Ye Yuan asked Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan respectfully replied, “I have already read the book that Tutor gave me and gained some understanding of physical cultivation. However, I do not know what does being reborn from the ashes mean.”

Glancing at Ji Fengyan, a smile suddenly appeared on Ye Yuan’s worn face.

“Being able to single out this special phrase shows that you have indeed read the book thoroughly.”

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