Chapter 228 - The Way of the Swordsman (1)

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Chapter 228: The Way of the Swordsman (1)

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“The meaning behind rebirth from the ashes is actually very simple. It just means that you have to completely exhaust your current physical strength until you are entirely depleted—only then can you surpass your inherent limits and achieve greater growth.” Ye Yuan explained patiently.

Ji Fengyan listened quietly. Ye Yuan had just clarified the obscure parts of the book and guided Ji Fengyan into the most basic level of physical cultivation.

“Since you selected cultivation of the body, you should also have a plan regarding your future professional choices. I remembered that you had casually mentioned a preference for being a swordsman. Do you really want to take on the path of a swordsman?” Ye Yuan asked seriously.

Cultivation of the body meant that one must become either a swordsman, a horseman or an archer. Ji Fengyan had previously mentioned about being a swordsman.

Ji Fengyan replied, “If possible, I would like to train under the way of the sword.”

Horsemen required strong steeds and Bai Ze was not suitable to become a rider’s steed. As for an archer… it would require a certain basic level of the cultivation of the mind in order to attain a truly great standard. Becoming a swordsman required the least criteria and was the easiest to master.

Ye Yuan nodded.

“Being a swordsman suits you and is the best choice for someone your age. However, if you wish to become an exceptional swordsman, you must continuously increase your own training intensity from today onwards. Of all the practitioners, the heavy sword used by swordsmen is the most hefty of all. The sword is huge and requires sufficient wrist power and physical strength to wield comfortably. Fengyan, do you want to learn the single-handed or double-handed sword?”

“What’s the difference between these two?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Ye Yuan explained, “Single-handed swords are lighter and more suitable for females. However, its damage-causing abilities are below that of the double-handed sword.”

With that, Ye Yuan retrieved a pure black sword from the weapons rack in his study. That sword was massive—as tall as Ye Yuan’s brow; it stood even slightly above Ji Fengyan’s head.

“This is a double-handed sword. Its hilt is thick and sturdy, and its blade almost looks like it has no edge. Using this to slash relies entirely on physical power.” Ye Yuan raised the sword and presented the outer edge of the blade to Ji Fengyan.

The sword’s blade looked dull and thick. Even if she were to use her entire strength—she probably could not chop even a piece of wood in half.

Thereafter, Ye Yuan replaced the double-handed sword and took down a more slender sword.

“This is the single-handed sword. It is lighter than a double-handed sword and has a sharp blade edge.” Ye Yuan said, “You can make your own choice.”

Ji Fengyan looked at those two swords and hesitated for a while before answering. “Tutor, I think… I should choose the single-handed sword.”

Ye Yuan nodded, extremely pleased with Ji Fengyan’s decision. Compared to the double-handed sword, the single-handed sword was easier to master. It was also not as physically demanding. Ji Fengyan’s choice had been the right one.

Ye Yuan didn’t realize that Ji Fengyan chose the single-handed sword solely because… compared to the clumsy-looking double-handed sword, the single-handed sword looked just that little more…

After Ji Fengyan decided her professional path, Ye Yuan walked to his bookshelf and retrieved a sword that was wrapped in layers of tarpaulin. He began removing the layers as he walked toward Ji Fengyan.

“Since you already chose the single-handed sword, this will be my present to you.”

With that, Ye Yuan presented the bronze-colored single-handed sword to Ji Fengyan.

Instead of being pleased, Ji Fengyan looked like she was about to start weeping…

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