Chapter 229 - The Way of the Swordsman (2)

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Chapter 229: The Way of the Swordsman (2)

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The single-handed sword in Ye Yuan’s hands was even more “stout and heavy” than the previous double-handed sword. The bronze-colored weapon had not the slightest bit of “elegance” to it. The hilt was straight and slender, but in Ye Yuan’s grasp, that single-handed sword looked clumsy. In addition, its bronze blade made it seem rusty. The hilt was only the length of a forearm and two-inches thick. Paired with the huge blade—the entire effect was both weird and comical.

Ji Fengyan was truly stumped.

This differed totally from what they had agreed upon!

Unfortunately, Ye Yuan was completely oblivious to Ji Fengyan’s miserable expression. Instead, he regarded the single-handed sword with a pleased expression and said, “You are still young. This sword’s handle is slender and more suitable for your hands. Quick, try it and see if it is a good fit for you.”

With that, Ye Yuan held out the single-handed sword before Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan looked on as the cruel, ugly weapon came nearer and nearer. For the first time in her life, she felt like slapping herself.

In Ji Fengyan’s mind, a single-handed sword is like one of those ancient oriental long swords with blades measuring two-fingers’ width. Shiny and elegant, its movement light as a cloud, smooth as water, beautiful as a piece of art.

Who knew…

This world was full of evil intentions against her!

This was completely different from what she had expected!

Ji Fengyan dared not conjure up the image of herself wielding such an ugly sword. It would be such a tragic sight.

Noticing Ji Fengyan’s reluctance, Ye Yuan frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Ji Fengyan saw Ye Yuan’s wrinkled brows and inhaled deeply. She then took the sword from him.

In that moment, her heart trembled.

Respect for her teachers!

Respect for her teachers!

Ji Fengyan silently recited this mantra as she held the single-handed sword. She gave Ye Yuan a “despairing” smile.

However, Ye Yuan did not register Ji Fengyan’s inner thoughts. Instead, he scrutinized her wielding of that sword and said in all seriousness, “Swing it around for a bit.”

Ji Fengyan listlessly raised the sword. In that quick flash—as the bronze-colored blade drew an arc in the air—Ji Fengyan saw an image of her destiny with the word “immortal” being cut.

“Not bad, this sword suits you.” Ye Yuan rubbed his chin in satisfaction.

Ji Fengyan remained silent.

“Your wrist strength is still weak. This sword is made of a special material, making it much lighter than your usual heavy swords. It is most suitable for a small girl like you. However, because of its light blade, you will need to put in extra-intensive training if you want to extract the sword’s fullest potential.” Ye Yuan exhorted.

Hearing this, Ji Fengyan noticed that this single-handed sword actually felt very light. She had previously wielded Linghe’s single-handed sword and it was definitely much heavier.

Ji Fengyan regarded the earnest-looking Ye Yuan, her filled with a sudden warmth. Ye Yuan was giving this sword to her only after much consideration on his part.

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips curved in a smile as she dispelled her grievances. Solemnly gripping the single-handed sword, she bowed deeply toward Ye Yuan.

“Many thanks, tutor!”

These four simple words conveyed an incomparable sense of sincerity and deference.

Ye Yuan’s face broke out in a smile. After being a mentor for so many years, he could tell just how much respect Ji Fengyan carried in her words of gratitude.

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