Chapter 230 - The Way of the Swordsman (3)

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Chapter 230: The Way of the Swordsman (3)

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Ye Yuan continued lecturing Ji Fengyan on some crucial points of physical cultivation before letting her continue her own practice.

As Ji Fengyan dragged that single-handed sword through the martial arts arena, several outsider youths glanced over. Seeing the old- and shabby-looking sword in her hands, a few of them laughed quietly.

“When Ye Yuan said he was prepared to teach her properly, I had thought he was completely muddled. Now it seems like he was just being perfunctory.”

“It seems like tutor has had that sword around for many years? It looks rusty. Can it still be used?”

“Who cares if it can be used, someone is still treating it like a cherished prize.”

The youths were speaking in hushed tones, thinking that they were keeping their voices very low. Little did they know that every single one of their words had carried over to Ji Fengyan’s ears.

Just as she was about to step out of the martial arts arena, Ji Fengyan paused abruptly. She turned toward those whispering youths.

Suddenly feeling Ji Fengyan’s gaze, those few youths shivered without thinking. Recalling Ji Fengyan’s rabble-rousing actions during her time at the Ji family, they couldn’t help but flinch.

Who could have imagined that this punching bag, whom they had always bullied in the past, would suddenly become so tough?

Ji Fengyan passed a sweeping glance over those cringing youths. With the sword in her right hand, she suddenly swung it in their direction!

The youths—all standing a few dozen steps away from Ji Fengyan—involuntarily drew back. However, after they regained their normal faculties, they realized Ji Fengyan had only been slashing at empty air. She was quite a distance away and there was no chance of her even touching them. At that instant, those youths all looked rather sheepish.

Ji Fengyan just chuckled and raised her eyebrows. “Your pants are dropping.”

That bunch of youths couldn’t understand what Ji Fengyan was talking about, but they suddenly felt a gust of cool air around their lower bodies!

Looking down, several of them had their belts unwittingly cut in two. Their loosened pants had slipped straight down, revealing several hairy legs. A few young girls were just passing by and screamed when they witnessed this scene!

At that very instant!

The group of youths spontaneously turned scarlet red. Without another thought, they immediately hiked up their pants and fled!

Watching their fleeing backs, Ji Fengyan felt a great sense of satisfaction as she walked out with the single-handed sword.

As ugly as this sword was, it was still a gift from Ye Yuan and not to be subjected to criticism by others!

She had originally considered exchanging it for a more “stylish” sword sometime in the future—but now, she decided to just use this sword!


A slight makeover was still necessary.

With an idea in mind, Ji Fengyan brought the sword back to her room and then exited the front gates of the Ji family residence. No one in the Ji family could be bothered with her and she came and went as she pleased.

Leaving the Ji family residence, Ji Fengyan headed straight for the barracks. She summoned Linghe, who was just chatting with the others.

Noticing Ji Fengyan, Linghe immediately became more reserved. He nervously pulled Ji Fengyan to a corner. “Mistress, I heard that the Lei family had given you some trouble during the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet?”

Linghe surveyed Ji Fengyan from top to bottom as he asked this.

As they had been cooped up in the barracks all this while, news from the outside traveled slow and were often outdated. Linghe had only heard of the incident several days after it occurred and he had planned to find a chance to visit the Ji family and see what was up with Ji Fengyan. He never expected for Ji Fengyan herself to come by.

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