Chapter 231 - The Local Tycoon (1)

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Chapter 231: The Local Tycoon (1)

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“Trouble? No such a thing,” Ji Fengyan said with a grin.

Momentarily stunned, Linghe scratched his head in confusion.

“That’s weird, nothing happened? Why then did I hear others say that during the banquet, the Lei family…”

Ji Fengyan said, “I am afraid Brother Linghe must have heard wrongly. Aren’t I standing right in front of you now, safe and sound? However, something did happen with the Lei family that night, perhaps you misheard.”

“As long as you are all right,” Linghe said with a genuine smile. “Mistress, why have you come today?”

“Oh, yes.” Ji Fengyan chuckled. “Brother Linghe, help me call Yang Jian and also carry out a case of the treasures that we brought over from Ji City. Let’s go for a jaunt in the capital.”

Linghe was taken back by Ji Fengyan’s words.

Ji Fengyan had brought quite a number of treasures from Ji City, all exchanged from Gong Zhiyu. At first, they had not understood why Ji Fengyan wanted to bring all those items along. They had yet to see her make any plans for them since arriving in the capital. But now…

Bring along a case for an outing?

Linghe twisted the corners of his mouth. Mistress was treating it like a dog to be taken for a walk!

“Let’s do this quickly, while the sky is still light.” Ji Fengyan urged.

Linghe had no choice but to comply. First, he summoned Yang Jian and Xiao Tianquan, then subsequently had Zuo Nuo and the rest pull out a horse carriage and load a case of treasures onto it. Even after all that, Linghe remained in a state of confusion.

Exiting the barracks, Yang Jian steered the horse carriage while Linghe and Ji Fengyan sat inside.

Linghe watched incredulously as Xiao Tianquan laid calmly by Ji Fengyan’s feet, clamoring for a rub.

Ji Fengyan did not reveal her intentions but just towed Linghe around town. Whenever she spotted a shop selling ornaments and jade pieces, Ji Fengyan would drag Linghe off to buy up almost everything with such speed that made Linghe dizzy to witness.

For the first time, Linghe realized that his Mistress was no different from the other ladies in the capital in certain aspects…

“I don’t want these two items. Wrap up the rest for me.” Standing in a shop selling jade ware, Ji Fengyan pointed at a row of jade articles displayed on the rack. She then lavishly slapped down five gold bars on the table!

Dazzled by the shining gold bars, the jade store owner immediately had his people wrap up the items for Ji Fengyan and delivered them to the horse carriage.

Linghe followed Ji Fengyan to four or five such stores, where Ji Fengyan would—without exception—cast a sweeping eye across the wares and then smack down some gold bars. This display of extravagance nearly caused Linghe to faint…

People usually bought things with gold coins, whereas his Mistress was paying with gold bars right upfront…

What the hell was Mistress doing?!

Linghe could still understand buying items such as a jade pendant or a necklace—but purchasing a jade thumb ring the size of a quail’s egg?

That was something only worn by men…

Several times Linghe wanted to speak up but stopped himself. He completely could not keep up with the speed of Ji Fengyan’s shopping spree. Before he could even finish a sentence, she would have already paid up and left with the goods. Towards the end, she had even complained that Linghe was moving too slowly and delaying her buying frenzy…

Within a short span of time, various items filled the previously empty horse carriage to the brim. Linghe looked totally lost in the sea of treasures.

He no longer wanted to puzzle over how come Mistress had so many gold bars—he just wanted to know if she had gone mad!

A cartload of stuff – at least half of which were things she had no use for. Did she suffer some sort of traumatic experience at the Ji family residence?

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