Chapter 232 - The Local Tycoon (2)

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Chapter 232: The Local Tycoon (2)

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Linghe looked dead and listless while Ji Fengyan’s heart was pounding from her buying spree.

Ji Fengyan had already absorbed about half of the items recouped from the Ji family. It prompted her shopping frenzy after gauging that the current stockpile was still inadequate. Unlike the remote Ji City, the artifacts spread across the prosperous capital all contained sizable amounts of spiritual energy for Ji Fengyan to absorb.

Ji Fengyan spared no thought for an item’s appearance or quality when making a purchase. She only looked at one thing: spiritual energy!

She would buy even a broken hunk of rock if it contained abundant spiritual energy!

Boarding the horse carriage after cleaning out the shops along the capital’s main street, Ji Fengyan finally had Yang Jian stop the carriage.

Nearly suffocating from all the items squeezed into the carriage with him, Linghe breathed a sigh of relief. Nonplussed, he looked at Ji Fengyan who had, at last, ceased her activity.

“Mistress… I think this should cover it… should we… head back now?” Linghe was almost whimpering.

However, Ji Fengyan wrinkled her brows slightly and suddenly raised her head to look at Linghe. In a rather distressed tone, she said, “All gone.”

“Ah?” Linghe was momentarily stunned.

What was all gone?

“Gold bars… all gone.” Ji Fengyan rubbed the area within the Space Soul Jade which had contained all those gold bars—it was already empty. Her expression was somewhat… gloomy.

“…” Linghe nearly puked blood in exasperation!

So, Ji Fengyan had only stopped her buying frenzy not because she was satisfied, but because… she was broke?!

Involuntarily, Linghe reached up to wipe away his cold sweat. Glancing at the mountain of items stuffed into the carriage, he swallowed thickly. “Mistress, you have… actually… bought quite a bit today…”

Just based on what he saw, Ji Fengyan had thrown down a few hundred gold bars. The total amount of money spent must have been enough to feed a normal family for three generations!

“Not enough.” Ji Fengyan twisted the corners of her mouth.

Linghe felt quite faint.

“Oh yes, Brother Linghe, are there any auctions here?” In the blink of an eye, Ji Fengyan was suddenly smiling.

“Miss… Mistress… what are you planning to do?” Linghe couldn’t help staring with widened eyes.

Ji Fengyan patted the case of treasures brought over from Ji City.

“I am selling these for money, of course.”

Ji Fengyan’s matter-of-fact tone almost caused Linghe to have a fit.

“Mistress, although there are a wide variety of decent-quality items in the capital, but… Master Gong’s artifacts are still better…” Linghe kindly reminded Ji Fengyan, all the while clutching at his tight chest.

Although the articles bought by Ji Fengyan today were expensive, they could still be purchased with money. In contrast, one could not buy the priceless artifacts exchanged from Gong Zhiyu even with ready cash.

Linghe would have never imagined his Mistress descending into such madness that she would rather sell a premium grade artifact just to buy a good quality item!

“I can’t use them, anyway. Brother Linghe, tell me if there are such auctions.” Ji Fengyan shrugged noncommittally.

Linghe felt like crying. This was the first time he realized how insanely unreasonable his Mistress could be when she was being willful!

Why did you buy so much if you knew you had no use for them!

Nevertheless, Linghe could only swallow all his frustrations. Looking at Ji Fengyan’s beaming little face, he just said in a trembling voice, “Yes… there are auctions… in the east side of the capital…”

The moment Linghe said this, Ji Fengyan called out to Yang Jian on the outside. “Yang Jian, to the east!”

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