Chapter 233 - Becoming Immortal (1)

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Chapter 233: Becoming Immortal (1)

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Dongling Auction House was one of the auction houses in the Kingdom of Sacred Dragon. Even though it was not the largest, but because there was a low expectation of the customers and the items being auctioned were very diverse, thus there were many people who would go there to shop for treasures.

The usual auction rules were that if someone wished to auction an item, an employee from the auction house had to appraise first. Some auction house would only accept items that had a certain value and after appraising the value, the person still had to pay a deposit before the auction house would auction his item.

And the deposit amount was based on the value of the auctioned item. However, there was no such a rule at the Dongling Auction House.

Dongling Auction House was the only auction house that allowed people to auction the items before paying a deposit so Linghe recommended this place to Ji Fengyan, who did not “have a single cent”.

Because of the lack of deposit required, there were many commoners and bounty hunters who would auction their own items. As a result, there was also an interesting style of auctioning formed.

Even though one would unlikely find expensive and luxury items in Dongling Auction House, but one could find many rare and odd items, making it a good place for people to try their luck to earn some money.

Ji Fengyan and Linghe arrived at the Dongling Auction House. It was not large and was only a huge tentage. It seemed very plain, but there were many people entering and leaving at the entrance. There were some commoners who were simple clothed and bounty hunters who were wearing armors, but there was hardly any sight of any rich men.

“Miss, we have reached,” Linghe said.

Ji Fengyan nodded. When Linghe was about to get off the horse carriage, Ji Fengyan suddenly pulled him back and said, “Don’t rush.”

It left Linghe a little lost.

But Ji Fengyan only laughed. Using her right fingers, Ji Fengyan released a glowing ray of light between Linghe’s brows as he shot her a confused look.

Linghe could only feel a warm sensation flow through him and his face felt weird, as if it was smeared with wax paper.

“Done.” Ji Fengyan withdrew her hands after Linghe completely absorbed the glowing light. Then she placed another glowing light between her brows.

Linghe, who was feeling his face, watched in disbelief at Ji Fengyan’s transformation.

Following the glow that slowly entered Ji Fengyan’s glabella, layers of fat gradually covered Ji Fengyan’s delicate face. Within a blink of an eye, Ji Fengyan’s face had completely transformed from a young girl to a gorgeous looking and graceful young lady…

This sight made Linghe dumbstruck.

Ji Fengyan’s look was the most outstanding out of all the women he had ever met!

Even Ji Qingshan, who was claimed to be stunning, could not be compared to Ji Fengyan’s current look.

Linghe only glanced at her and it already made a sensation run through his body. That stunning looking face had a faint smile and anyone who looked at the smiling eyes felt as though holy light instantly showered them!

“Mi… Miss, you are…” Linghe said with a stutter. Everything that was happening before his eyes was totally unknown to him.

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