Chapter 234 - Becoming Immortal (2)

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Chapter 234: Becoming Immortal (2)

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Ji Fengyan beamed with smiles as she watched Linghe’s look of shock and could not help but touch her cheeks.

“How do I look? Brother Ling, do I look good?”

Linghe gulped and could not speak, as he only nodded dazedly.


She was practically too stunning!

Ji Fengyan sniggered and took out a mirror to look at her reflection, satisfied.

The woman in the mirror was stunning but not seductive. She had a natural look of beauty that made people unable to look at her with any sinister intentions. Instead, people would only dare to look at her from far and did not dare to tarnish her purity and holiness.

To explain using Ji Fengyan’s own words, it was the beauty standard of an immortal being.

This was not a look that Ji Fengyan had imagined; Instead, it was the look she had in her previous life.

In her previous life, Ji Fengyan was born extraordinarily beautiful. Even though she had an eccentric personality, because of her immortal cultivation, it made her outstanding looks even more refined. Ji Fengyan was not particular about her looks and she was satisfied that she was still considered “immortal-looking”.

But after being reincarnated into this body, Ji Fengyan really missed her previous look, so she specially used her magical powers to transform Linghe and her looks. First, it was so that they could hide their identities and second, it was to reminisce about her past.

After looking at the mirror for a while, Ji Fengyan handed it over to Linghe.

“Brother Ling, have a look to see if it satisfies you.”

Linghe foolishly received the mirror and upon looking at his reflection, he immediately took a deep breath in!

Linghe’s original face was tough looking. Even though it was not considered handsome, he had decent facial features. Moreover, the many years of training on the battlefield made him look extremely strong.

The look that Ji Fengyan had transformed him into was like his original looks, except that it was less ferocious and was more graceful and gentle-looking.

This change instantly transformed Linghe into another person. Even if it was Zuo Nuo who had seen them, it was unlikely that he could recognise them.

It was the first time his own looks shocked him.

“Mi… Miss, why did you do this?” Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan with a confused look. He knew that there were some special ways to change one’s looks, and there were even masks that could conceal one’s original looks.

But Ji Fengyan did nothing and only used her finger to press between his brows, yet how was it that they have transformed suddenly?

“Keep it low key,” Ji Fengyan blinked at Linghe. After she lifted her hands to transform Yang Jian’s looks, she immediately instructed him to carry the huge wooden box and alight the horse carriage.

Linghe was still not out of his daze. As he watched Ji Fengyan get down from the horse carriage, he followed subconsciously.

Dongling Auction House’s huge tentage had two separate entrances. The one at the front was specially for customers who were there to bid for items, whereas the one at the back was for people who wanted to auction their items off.

While in a muddled state, Linghe led Ji Fengyan and Yang Jian to the back door of the Dongling Auction House. There were two men who were simply dressed and wielding swords. When they looked at the group approaching them, they were stunned.

When they saw that stunning figure appearing before their eyes, it was as if they had lost their souls as they stared blankly. They instinctively rubbed their eyes as they could not believe that there would such a gorgeous-looking girl in the world!

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