Chapter 235 - Becoming Immortal (3)

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Chapter 235: Becoming Immortal (3)

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“This… this customer, are you here to auction any items?” One man who snapped out of his daze immediately rushed forward. His eyes were staring straight at Ji Fengyan and he seemed like he was about to drool.

Ji Fengyan smiled as she said, “I would like to auction some things.”

Upon hearing that, those two men immediately led them in. They were both surprised and taken aback.

Even though Ji Fengyan was not dressed extravagantly, just her looks could make people ignore everything else.

Because of Dongling Auction House’s unique auctioning system, many rich people despise it and there were hardly any of them who would go there.

After the two men led Ji Fengyan in, they eagerly served them tea before asking the manager to meet them.

The manager was an almost forty or fifty-year-old middle-aged man and his figure was slightly chubby. As he walked towards them with his round body, Ji Fengyan was in a daze for a short while before she quickly recovered. That fleshy face was not disgusting looking and instead was amiable.

“This customer, may I know what you would like to auction?” the manager asked with a kind smile.

Ji Fengyan waved her hands at Yang Jian, and he immediately placed the wooden box on the ground. Ji Fengyan opened the box.

Instantly, the glow from the jewellery in the box almost blinded the manager’s eyes!

When the manager saw the box of valuable treasures, he was utterly stunned and his eyes almost dropped out of the eye sockets.

“It’s just these,” Ji Fengyan said.

The corner of the manager’s lips twitched. It took him some time before he peeled his eyes off the pile of treasures. However, his expression did not seem happy at all, and instead, he seemed troubled.

“Miss, are you kidding me?”

“Kidding you?” Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback.

The manager smiled bitterly. “I believe that it’s your first time at our auction house. To tell you the truth, even though our auction house does not have requirements for the auctioned item, you should have seen for yourself that the people who come here to buy the items are mostly not rich. Even if they are, they are only here to seek some interesting items. Although your items are all valuable, I’m afraid it will be difficult to auction them off here.”

The manager was very reserved with his words.

Ji Fengyan instinctively looked at Linghe and Linghe’s expression was a little rigid.

He had only considered that Ji Fengyan was too broke to pay a deposit, but he had forgotten that Dongling Auction House was not very experienced in auctioning gems and jewelry.

If anyone was interested in these items, they would most likely visit the other larger auction houses in the capital city. Those people who would come here were mostly those who were after the items sold by the bounty hunters.

Linghe smiled awkwardly at Ji Fengyan. As a soldier, he did not have any experience visiting auction houses and rarely knew the rules here.

Ji Fengyan was instantly in a spot…

The manager looked at Ji Fengyan and Linghe’s expression and knew that they were not well-accustomed with these.

Just when the manager was about to say something, a man clad in a black cloak entered with the guards from outside.

Upon seeing that man, the manager hurriedly told Ji Fengyan to wait as he approached the man.

“You’re here again?” the manager walked to the side of the men in a black cloak and his tone seemed to be filled with helplessness.

The man donning a black cloak nodded slightly. He said nothing else. He took out a few medicinal bottles and forced them into the manager’s hands.

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