Chapter 238 - Downtrodden Pharmacist (3)

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Chapter 238: Downtrodden Pharmacist (3)

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Yichen was an orphan and adopted by Liu Shangfeng since young. After he had grown older, Liu Shangfeng felt that he possessed talent in refining medicine, so he started to teach him some basics of medicine refining. A few months ago, one of the Fourth Princess’s playmates was severely ill and visited Liu Shangfeng’s place for medicine. However, Liu Shangfeng was not at his residence that day when she came to collect the medicine and the person who gave her the medicine was Yichen. Yichen did not give her the medicine concocted by Liu Shangfeng and instead gave his own medicine…

As a result, because the medicine was not up to the standard, not only did it not cure it, it had almost caused the Fourth Princess’s playmate to die. Thus, Liu Shangfeng drove Yichen away.

As the few young men explained one after another and revealed the embarrassing backstory of Yichen, those people, who were originally disgusted by Yichen’s ugly looks, despised him even more for being so greedy for attention.

During the entire process, Yichen said nothing. He only allowed Linghe to hold on to him as his entire body shivered.

After Ji Fengyan heard what those young men had to say, she smiled even wider.

“I am sorry, but I am not the least interested in anything that you have said. This person is now my subordinate, if you would like to create any trouble for him, see if I am agreeable to it first,” Ji Fengyan suddenly said.

Those young men were indeed shocked.

“You actually dared to use someone like him? Are you crazy? He may even accidentally kill you.”

“You guys don’t have to worry. Since he is my person, how I deal with him is up to me. If it does not satisfy you…” Ji Fengyan’s eyes started to narrow as Yang Jian, who was standing behind her, suddenly took a step forward. Seeing the tall figure and the sharp three pointed, double-edged sword in his hands, the young men who were previously aggressive immediately backed away.

“You’re so ungrateful for our kindness. If he harms you, don’t blame us for not warning you beforehand!” as they said, the young men immediately ran away in fright.

After those young men had left, Ji Fengyan then turned around to look at Yichen, who was being supported by Linghe.

Yichen lowered his head, with his hideous face covered by shadows. When he saw Ji Fengyan walk closer to him, he bowed to Ji Fengyan with his trembling body, but his stooping back revealed his avoidance and timidity.

“You don’t have to thank me. I can tell you bear no malicious intent.” Ji Fengyan could see he was trying to thank her and intoned.

Yichen’s body stiffened slightly. He wanted to lift his head to look at Ji Fengyan but upon recalling his looks, he only dared to hang his head low and said nothing.

“His throat is injured, so he can’t speak.” The manager saw this and shook his head sympathetically.

“Yichen had sold his medicine at our auction house for a long time ago and nothing wrong has ever happened. But after the incident involving the Fourth Princess, it also surprised us. And when he returned, he had already become like this—his voice lost and his face already disfigured. After he was driven away by Liu Shangfeng and lost his way of livelihood, he then sold his medicine secretly,” the manager could not help but speak on behalf of Yichen.

Ji Fengyan was never one to judge based on one’s looks, so she would not believe in what others said. Even though one’s eyes and ears could be deceived, it was impossible to fake one’s aura.

The manager was also a kind man as he asked his men to carry Yichen back into the tentage to check on his injuries. Ji Fengyan also followed after and she thought of the medicine that she had exchanged from Gong Zhiyu, so she took them out and handed over to the manager to ask if they could auction it off.

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