Chapter 239 - Compensation in Flesh (1)

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Chapter 239: Compensation in Flesh (1)

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When the manager saw the medicine that Ji Fengyan took out, his eyes immediately brightened. When he heard that Ji Fengyan urgently needed money, he did not hesitate as he gave a price for the medicine and asked whether Ji Fengyan was willing to sell it to him directly.

Ji Fengyan agreed to it straightforwardly, and the manager immediately asked his men to pay her as he cautiously held the three bottles of medicine in his hands.

Seeing the manager treating the medicine with such caution, Ji Fengyan could not help but laugh.

“Is this medicine really that good?” Ji Fengyan muttered.

But Linghe, who was standing at the side, already had a dead look on his face as he said numbly.

“Miss, this is the Lingwei medicine, one of the best healing medicine. It was only produced by Pharmacist Liu a few months ago, so it is extremely rare. Oh, and the pharmacist was the Liu Shangfeng mentioned by them.”

The manager at the side also continued, “This type of healing medicine is extremely rare and more effective than all the other medicines. After applying it, it could detoxify most of the toxins in the body. It is a magical medicine that could save people’s lives! Liu Shangfeng was not this reputable previously, but after this medicine, he suddenly gained a high reputation and became the personal pharmacist for the royal family.”

As the manager said, he looked adoringly at the medicine in his hands.

During the entire process, Yichen just sat at the side and witnessed. When he saw those bottles of medicine in the manager’s hands, his eyes suddenly turned agitated as he suddenly stood up from his chair and rushed in front of the manager. Before anyone could react, he had already knocked those bottles to the ground!

With a sharp and clear crash, those highly valuable medicines were instantly crushed to bits. The pale blue liquid inside also flowed out from the broken bottles and seeped through the cement ground.

Everyone was stunned as they watched in disbelief.

The manager suddenly looked up at Yichen, who was breathing heavily and agitatedly.

“Yichen, what… what are you doing?”

“Ah! Ah!” Yichen looked up and in his agitation, his cloak slipped off his body to reveal his hideous face. On his face, only his pair of eyes were shining brightly but his eyes were bloodshot and tears welled up.

He pointed at those broken pieces and waved his hand agitatedly, as if he wanted to say something. However, what came out from his mouth was only broken voices.

The manager frowned.

“Yichen, why did you do that? I understand that you are feeling bitter, but you should know the value of these medicines. After you have broken them, how am I supposed to report to my boss?”

In his agitation, Yichen froze and his emotions calmed down slowly. With his fists tightly clenched beside him, he lowered his head to look at the broken pieces of the medicinal bottle.

“You should take back this money. I am not selling this medicine anymore.” Ji Fengyan blurted out and returned the gold coins that she had taken from the manager just now.

Yichen suddenly looked up with shock at Ji Fengyan.

He did not understand why such a beautiful young girl was helping him one time after another.

Ji Fengyan’s actions resolved Yichen and the manager’s difficult situation and Linghe secretly praised his Miss for her kindness.


“Yichen, is it? This medicine belongs to me. Since you have broken them, shouldn’t you compensate me for it?” Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at Yichen and said.

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