Chapter 278 - Returning Violence with Violence (2)

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Chapter 278: Returning Violence with Violence (2)

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“Wha… what…” The Lei family were all in a daze. They never expected Ji Fengyan to come up with such a slant.

Hearing Ji Fengyan’s accusations, Lei Yuanxu—who had earlier suffered a kick by her—ignored his immense pain and raised his head to holler. “Don’t talk rubbish, who would steal your…”

Before Lei Yuanxu could finish his sentence, Ji Fengyan kicked him in the stomach again.

This kick caused so much pain to Lei Yuanxu that he could not say another word. He could only remain half-kneeling on the ground, one hand clutching his middle and heaving in agony.

“Ji Fengyan! Enough! How dare you act in such a manner within our residence!” Lei Kai smacked the table in fury. In his many years of helming the Lei family, never had he seen someone behave so impudently in their territory!

“Lei family Head, I would never dare express insolence before your household. I only came to get some justice for myself. The Lei family is a notable clan in the capital—how could they have produced such a wayward youth? If news of this incident was leaked out, who knows how the rest of the capital would regard your family.” Ji Fengyan grinned at Lei Kai with not a trace of fear.

Lei Kai’s face had turned completely red. Huffing into his beard, he glared at Ji Fengyan, who was blathering nonsense with such a straight face. He felt an intense urge to slap this provocative, lying young girl to death!

Standing by the side, Lei Qin felt something was off and immediately stepped forward intending to strike.


Ji Fengyan didn’t crouch but continued grinning at Lei Qin, who had already raised her magic staff. “What? The Lei family actually has the audacity to disregard the Grand Tutor’s warning?”

Ji Fengyan’s words instantly caused Lei Qin to look extremely ill.

Who could forget why Lei Yuanxu’s arm was cut off!

The infuriating Ji Fengyan before them was nevertheless still a bona fide Terminator!

Lei Qin hesitated… she reluctantly lowered the magic staff in her hand.

Ji Fengyan’s smile brightened.

Although she would keep her promise to Liu Huo not to use the World-Termination-Armour… nonetheless… it must be said… this Terminator status really came in handy.

“Ji Fengyan, what exactly do you want.” Lei Kai inhaled deeply to suppress his rising pique. Steadfast, he glared at Ji Fengyan. “Yuanxu had lost an arm. How could he have stolen the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed from your Ji family residence? The tree was given to us in a deal between your Oldest Uncle Ji Qiu and the Lei family. If you don’t believe me, just go ask him.”

Ji Fengyan was not at all taken in by Lei Kai. She said seriously, “Lei family Head, you can say whatever you want now. However, with my own eyes, I had seen Lei Yuanxu creep into my room and made away with the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed. I couldn’t give chase as I was physically unwell then. But I witnessed it all clearly with my very eyes – the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was stolen by Lei Yuanxu.”

Lei Kai held his chest – he had never met such an unreasonable person his entire life. He finally understood. It didn’t matter how the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed ended up in the Lei family – Ji Fengyan would insist that Lei Yuanxu had pilfered it!

“In a show of defiance, Lei Yuanxu had previously taunted the Terminator in public. It appears now that his hatred lingers on. Who knows how the Grand Tutor would handle this if Lei Yuanxu’s theft was made known to him?” Ji Fengyan’s smile had turned utterly sinister. She has had enough trying to talk sense with this bunch. Since they remained unreasonable, let her show them just exactly what it’s like to be bullied by someone who abuses their position of power!

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