Chapter 279 - Returning Violence with Violence (3)

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Chapter 279: Returning Violence with Violence (3)

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The moment Ji Fengyan put forth Grand Tutor Xing Lou’s name, the Lei family lost all traces of their earlier bluster. Every single one of them looked like they had swallowed something nasty.

It was common knowledge that the Grand Tutor held Terminators in the highest regard. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have severed Lei Yuanxu’s arm over a mere verbal insult.

The Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed incident—it didn’t matter where the truth laid. If Ji Fengyan insisted Lei Yuanxu had stolen it, even if the Ji family supported the Lei family’s claim, it would still not be enough to override the words of the Terminator.

Lei Kai’s face had turned a ghastly green. He nearly gnashed his teeth to dust.

The Lei family enjoyed a relatively high status in the capital. As such, members of the Lei family had abused their power frequently to coerce others. But today…

This was the first time that they were on the receiving end of such “tyranny”!

And this time, they would have no chance of retaliating at all!

Several Lei family youths still wanted to continue arguing with Ji Fengyan. However, Lei Kai suddenly raised his hand to stop them.

Lei Kai struggled to temper down his boiling rage by taking a deep breath. Looking at Ji Fengyan before him, he truly couldn’t believe that a teenage girl could possess such audacity. Charging in all alone to confront the Lei family. Not only was she calm and confident, she had actually gained the upper hand… and was forcing them into a dead-end!

“Young Mistress Ji.” Lei Kai forced out this term of respect through gritted teeth.

“Since the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed has already been absorbed—no matter how great a fuss you kick up—it remains an irreversible situation. We were in the wrong for this matter. Do you think we could negotiate and resolve this amiably?”

Lei Kai’s words left every member of the Lei family dumbfounded. Even the wise and calm Lei Qin had widened her eyes in disbelief.

She never dreamed that Lei Kai would actually behave so submissively to Ji Fengyan!

“Grandfather…” Lei Qin wanted to speak up, but Lei Kai raised his hand and shook his head at her. Lei Qin could only bite back her words and retreat to the side.

Witnessing this complete turnaround in Lei Kai’s attitude, Ji Fengyan felt like laughing on the inside.

If not for her status as the Terminator, Lei Kai would have had her thrown out long ago?

“Negotiate? Sure.” Ji Fengyan shifted her eyes and with no one noticing, released a wisp of white smoke from the hand behind her back. The white smoke dissipated quickly into the air and was detected by no one.

Lei Kai breathed a sigh of relief.

If Grand Tutor was really summoned here, it would be inevitable that Lei Yuanxu’s newly grown arm would once again be sliced off.

However, Ji Fengyan’s next words brought no cheer to Lei Kai.

“The Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed is extremely important to me. Now that I have lost it because of your Lei family, it is a huge loss to me.” Ji Fengyan curled her lips slightly. Looking at Lei Kai, she said, “I give you all two choices…”

“One, compensate me with whatever the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was used for. Since Lei Yuanxu’s arm was grown with the tree, it must be cut off and given to me.”

The Lei family gasped at Ji Fengyan’s words.

But that was not all…

Ji Fengyan continued. “Not just that one arm. He had originally lost one arm to the Grand Tutor, hence he must have both limbs chopped off. One arm as the Grand Tutor’s punishment, the other to atone for using my Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed.”

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