Chapter 280 - A Brazen Extortion (1)

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Chapter 280: A Brazen Extortion (1)

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Lei Yuanxu was completely thunderstruck. In deep pain earlier, he now felt nothing at all after hearing Ji Fengyan’s words.

From what he deduced earlier, Lei Kai had already ceded to Ji Fengyan. In that case, the Lei family had to accept all of Ji Fengyan’s conditions.


It never occurred to Ji Fengyan that she would make such a barbaric demand!

“Grandfather! Help me, Grandfather! I don’t want to lose both my arms, help me…” Lei Yuanxu had turned pale in fright. Faced with this, he no longer possessed his earlier arrogance and complacency. Lei Yuanxu was scared to tears, with snot dribbling down his nose. Not a trace of that nobility befitting a master of the Lei family could be seen.

Lei Kai was also looking extremely ill. He had wanted to give Ji Fengyan some treasures in compensation. He never expected Ji Fengyan to ask for something so extreme!

Sever both of Lei Yuanxu’s arms?

She really wanted Lei Yuanxu to become a total invalid!

“Young Mistress Ji, what about the second option?” Lei Kai forced down the bile rising in his throat, struggling to maintain his calm.

Ji Fengyan laughed. “I have been talking non-stop and am feeling thirsty. Is this how the Lei family treats their guests? Not even a cup of tea served?”

That casual remark incited the Lei family so much that they nearly all dashed up to pound this monster to death!

Having arrived at this present stage, she actually had the cheek to ask for tea?

“Serve up some tea!” Brows twitching, Lei Kai nonetheless called for the servants to serve tea.

Ji Fengyan readily sat down on a nearby chair, one hand still gripping Lei Yuanxu’s wrist, while the other hand held a cup of tea. Nonchalantly shaking her leg, Ji Fengyan drank her tea at leisure. She appeared totally oblivious to the gloomy faces of the Lei family.

“The Lei family’s tea, not bad at all…” Ji Fengyan said with a smile.

“Many thanks for your compliment.” Lei Kai replied through gritted teeth.

Who could have known that Ji Fengyan didn’t just stop at one cup, but had the servants serve her another two to three cups? Her smug attitude was in no way that of a “debtor”—she was clearly treating herself as a rightful guest of the family.

Regardless, the Lei family kept their anger in check. Lei Yuanxu was still in Ji Fengyan’s grasp. They could only continue glaring at Ji Fengyan with wrath-filled eyes, waiting to see just what other tricks she had up her sleeves!

After four to five cups of tea, the corners of Ji Fengyan eyes drifted casually over to the entrance of the grand hall. A pale wisp of smoke swirled over to Ji Fengyan’s fingertips, merging with the steam rising from the hot tea. No one noticed it at all.

The moment the smoke entered Ji Fengyan’s body, a strange image surfaced in her mind: it was the entire blueprint of the Lei family’s residence. Every single room glowed quietly with spiritual energy, and the one radiating the strongest energy was not inferior to that emitted by the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed!

Ji Fengyan’s eyes brightened.

That’s it!

At that point, Ji Fengyan put down her teacup before the Lei family lost their patience. She lifted her head and beamed at the grim-looking Lei Kai. “The second option is much easier. The Lei family just needs to give me a treasure equal to that of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, after which I will forgive this offense and not pursue the matter anymore.”

Lei Kai inhaled deeply; it was just as he expected. “Will Young Mistress Ji please wait for a moment.”

With that, he immediately nodded at Lei Qin, who reluctantly turned and headed into the back hall.

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