Chapter 282 - A Brazen Extortion (3)

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Chapter 282: A Brazen Extortion (3)

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Lei Kai nearly puked blood in fury at Ji Fengyan’s words!

How were they treating her as a fool!

Originally feeling heartbroken over the Sacred Dragon Shield, the entire Lei family was now both vexed and enraged.

Ji Fengyan was actually sneering at their much-cherished Sacred Dragon Shield!

Was there no justice left in this world!?

“I say… Lei family Head, if you are not sincere in making amendments, I will just go with the first option. Let me chop off both of Lei Yuanxu’s limbs and we will be even then.” Ji Fengyan put on an amiable face while giving a fierce tug to Lei Yuanxu’s trapped arm.

The clear sound of breaking bone resonated in the grand hall. Lei Yuanxu shrieked like a pig put to slaughter. He convulsed in pain, writhing about the ground with tears and snot smeared all over. Even swallowing his own saliva hurt.

“No!” Lei Kai shouted out in panic.

Ji Fengyan released her grip slightly and raised her eyes at Lei Kai.

Lei Kai’s face had taken on a terrible pallor. The Sacred Dragon Shield was still a five star magical weapon. He truly had no intention of taking Ji Fengyan for a fool.


He nevertheless could not refute any part of Ji Fengyan’s allegations.

“Young Mistress Ji, his Majesty personally bestowed this Sacred Dragon Shield. It is the one and only of its kind and of a unique significance to the royal family.” Lei Kai had no choice but to try to reason with Ji Fengyan and appeal to her better nature.


“Oh, since it holds such a great significance, you guys should keep it. Otherwise, His Majesty would surely be unhappy if he knew that you gave away his gift.” Ji Fengyan said with mock consideration.

“…” Lei Kai almost fainted at her words.

“Ji Fengyan, always leave a way out for others and know when to stop.” Lei Qin could no longer hold her tongue. She was a bona fide prodigy of the Lei family. Even within the capital, there was no one who dared oppose her. Confronted with this Ji Fengyan, her highly prided sense of self-restraint was completely broken. She really couldn’t bear it any more. The dignity of the Lei family being trampled on like this by Ji Fengyan!

“Know when to stop?” Ji Fengyan chuckled as she glanced at the patronizing Lei Qin. “It appears that the Lei family holds not an ounce of sincerity. Oh well, I no longer want Lei Yuanxu’s arm anyway…”

Hearing that, the Lei family heaved a sigh of relief, their hearts leaping in glee. One by one, they gazed in admiration at Lei Qin, who had stepped up so bravely.

Lei Qin also lifted her chin, extremely pleased at Ji Fengyan’s response.


“Now that things have reached this stage, I can only entreat Lord Grand Tutor to personally help me seek justice.” Ji Fengyan sighed as she said this. She straightened her body and made it seem like she was getting up.

The minds of the Lei family nearly exploded upon hearing the words “Lord Grand Tutor”!

“No, no, no! Young Mistress Ji, you misunderstood.” Lei Kai hurriedly spoke up. Glaring at Lei Qin, he said, “Lei Qin, this has nothing to do with you. Back off now!”

Lei Qin wanted to object but seeing Lei Kai’s stern gaze, she could only swallow her own rage and retreat. Nevertheless, her eyes continued to stare fixedly upon Ji Fengyan.

“Young Mistress Ji, although this Sacred Dragon Shield cannot match up to… your defensive amulets, but… you can also see for yourself: the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed has already been used. The Lei family could also only afford this Sacred Dragon Sacred Dragon Shield in exchange for the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed. If not, we would have already offered something of a higher value.” Lei Kai patiently persuaded. If Ji Fengyan brought this matter up to Xing Lou, they would not be able to even secure Lei Yuanxu’s life!

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