Chapter 283 - A Brazen Extortion (4)

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Chapter 283: A Brazen Extortion (4)

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“What has that got to do with me?” Ji Fengyan asked with hands spread out.

“…” Lei Kai’s heart contracted.

Ji Fengyan straightened herself and gazed at Lei Kai. “Lei family Head, as respectable people, we should be straightforward with each other. I know what treasures your Lei family owns. In a room on the east side of your residence, there’s a treasure that’s much better than this Sacred Dragon Shield. Unless you feel that item is more valuable than the arms of your grandson?”

Lei Kai’s expression underwent an immediate change. With widened eyes, he gaped in disbelief at Ji Fengyan.

East side… could it be possible that Ji Fengyan was referring to…

“How did you know!” Lei Kai stared at Ji Fengyan in a stunned daze. Even Lei Qin and the others didn’t know the whereabouts of that item. Ji Fengyan never had much interactions with the Lei family either. How could she have known?

Looking at Lei Kai’s face, Ji Fengyan knew that she had struck the jackpot!

“Don’t bother yourself with how I knew. If you are truly sincere, bring it out. If not…” Ji Fengyan glanced at the Sacred Dragon Shield. “I am not willing to accept such token objects.”

Lei Kai clutched his chest in pain. He glared at Ji Fengyan with squinted eyes, his face distorted in a miserable dilemma.

Ji Fengyan gave a kick to the half-dead Lei Yuanxu, and said fearlessly, “Quickly beg your grandfather for mercy. If he is unwilling to save you, you’d have to lay down both your arms for me.”

Lei Yuanxu had long been thoroughly traumatized by Ji Fengyan’s methods. All he wanted now was to escape her demonic grasp as soon as possible.

“Grandfather, Grandfather save me!”

His tear-filled voice circled Lei Kai’s ears, further agitating his perturbed state. With a grave expression, Lei Kai silently looked on at the sniveling Lei Yuanxu.

The rest of the Lei family were somewhat perplexed. They didn’t even know what they housed in the east side of the residence. However, going by Lei Kai’s reaction, they could tell that something was wrong.

“Grandfather…” Lei Yuanxu was sobbing so hard that his chest hurt.

Lei Kai gazed at his beloved Lei Yuanxu and thought of how he was the most naturally talented male among the Lei family’s younger generation. He took a deep breath. “I agree to your terms.”

Traces of a smile flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

“I will fetch that item myself.” Lei Kai rose and personally went to retrieve the artifact.

Ji Fengyan continued sitting with an air of contentment.

In truth, she didn’t know just what treasures were hidden in that room. She had released a spurt of energy to explore whether the Lei family had any treasures with strong spiritual energy. Consequently, she discovered a room in the east side which was emanating an extremely strong aura of spiritual energy, even richer than that of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed.

Ji Fengyan was nearly jumping with glee at this!

She had laboriously bid for the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed just for its spiritual energy. As for its other uses, she was completely unconcerned. Now that the Lei family actually had a treasure with even more abundant spiritual energy, Ji Fengyan was naturally more than happy to accept their “compensation”.

As Ji Fengyan continued smiling, the rest of the Lei family was fuming in anger. If only looks could kill, she would have long been torn apart by them!

Lei Yuanxu laid trembling and half-collapsed on the floor, obediently keeping still.

This time, Lei Kai took quite a while. Ji Fengyan drank a few more cups of tea before he finally returned.

Lei Kai held a palm-sized silk box in his hands. Ji Fengyan could tell with just one look the intoxicating cloud of spiritual energy surrounding the outside of the box!

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