Chapter 284 - A Brazen Extortion (5)

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Chapter 284: A Brazen Extortion (5)

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What luck!

Ji Fengyan’s eyes sparkled as she stared at that silk box. Despite not knowing what was inside, she was sure it contained a lot more spiritual energy than the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed!

Ji Fengyan maintained a calm demeanor even as she bubbled with anticipation inside.

Lei Kai placed the silk box on the table with an extremely grim face. His hand involuntarily tightened around the box, and it took him a while before he slowly opened it.

Inside the silk box laid a palm-sized golden-colored scale. The scale looked old and worn. One could vaguely see that it held several scars. Even so, those scars failed to diminish the scale’s radiant glow.

In fact…

The gleaming scale was even more dazzling than the two blue jewels on the Sacred Dragon Shield.

“Young Mistress Ji.” Lei Kai took a deep breath before presenting the silk box.

“Were you speaking of this?”

Ji Fengyan nodded. “That’s right.”

Lei Kai’s face held a complex expression. After much hesitation, he took another deep breath before closing the box with a snap, removing it from sight. He then signaled one of the Lei family youths to deliver the box into Ji Fengyan’s hands.

The moment Ji Fengyan touched that silk box, she could already feel the strong, surging spiritual energy continuously gushing towards her inner core!

She could attain such results even with no active absorption!

Ji Fengyan received the silk box without batting an eyelid. She then raised her head and grinned at Lei Kai. “This item is not bad, however… it’s still slightly inferior when compared to the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed.”

Ji Fengyan’s words completely paralyzed Lei Kai. He stared incredulously at Ji Fengyan, his breath quickening.

“Nevertheless, taking your sincerity into consideration—just tag on the Sacred Dragon Shield and I will grudgingly accept your compensation,” Ji Fengyan said airily. To a regular bystander, the Sacred Dragon Shield may not be at its prime since it had already been used twice.

However, what Ji Fengyan cared about was its spiritual energy.

Although slightly below that of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, the Sacred Dragon Shield also held a rich spiritual energy owing to its exquisite craftsmanship.

After all, as rare as the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was, it was still just a branch. Moreover, many years had passed since it was first cut off—its spiritual energy had already been significantly diminished over time.

Lei Kai squeezed his chest as he nearly blacked out. Looking at Ji Fengyan’s beaming face, he felt as if a huge stone was crushing his chest!

“Give it to her! Just give everything to her!” Lei Kai swallowed the rising bile in his throat and pointed a shaking finger at the Sacred Dragon Shield.

The faces of the Lei family all took on a sickly sheen. Although they didn’t know the origins of that scale, they couldn’t believe that after obtaining that, Ji Fengyan still wanted the Sacred Dragon Shield!

What’s worse was Lei Kai had actually agreed!

Several Lei family members dejectedly lugged the Sacred Dragon Shield before Ji Fengyan. Weighing almost a ton, they wanted to see just how that puny Ji Fengyan could carry the shield back.


Ji Fengyan immediately released Lei Yuanxu’s wrist. With one hand holding the silk box containing the gold-colored scale and the other clutching the Sacred Dragon Shield, she stood up effortlessly.

“Forgive my imposition today.” Without waiting for a response, Ji Fengyan swaggered leisurely out the front gates of the Lei family residence, bearing the two treasures she had extorted from them…

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