Chapter 285 - Dogfight (1)

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Chapter 285: Dogfight (1)

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The Lei family stared at Ji Fengyan’s departing figure. For a long time, they could not gather their wits.

Only when Lei Yuanxu let out a grunt did everyone collect themselves.

“Bring him out quickly and see how he is!” Lei Kai spoke gloomily. The bodyguards quickly brought Lei Yuanxu out for a check-up.

The atmosphere in the hall was so oppressive it was almost suffocating. Everyone’s expression was ugly.

The Lei family’s status in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was such that they had met none kind of setback. When they had first heard about Lei Xu’s death, the Lei family had naturally felt that they should demand justice from Ji Fengyan, but… who would have thought that they would be forced into this state by a young girl in her teens?

“Grandfather, you should not have allowed Ji Fengyan to have her way! It’s true that she’s a terminator, but the Lei family has terminators too. In fact, we could have invited Youngest Uncle back. Even if the matter goes before the Grand Tutor, I don’t believe that Youngest Uncle, who has served with distinction on the battlefield, would compare unfavorably with Ji Fengyan.” The words that Lei Qin had been suppressing burst out. She did not understand why Lei Kai had allowed Ji Fengyan to blatantly blackmail them.

Lei Kai waved her aside, his expression resigned.

“Little Qin, do you know why I was happy to do as I did?” Lei Qin sighed helplessly. “Your Youngest Uncle is a terminator, but once a terminator enters the battlefield, he cannot leave it without the Emperor and the Grand Tutor’s permission.”

Although the terminators had a very high status, it was won by enduring danger and bearing responsibility.

From the day they inherited the World-Termination-Armour, their fate was sealed.

Although land and wealth were bestowed on them, they did not have much time to enjoy it. Once they were of age, they would be sent to a training school for terminators and taught how to use the World-Termination-Armour in battle. The moment they left the school, they would enter the battlefield.

Once they started leading troops into battle, they would lose all their freedom. They were strictly forbidden to leave without orders.

“Little Qin, you should know that there are few in the Lei family’s younger generation. Although Yuanxu may be somewhat reckless and impulsive, among the younger generation, his talent is second only to yours. Your father died in an accident and few among your uncles’ and father’s generation can be entrusted with weighty matters. In my heart, I had already decided to make Yuanxu the next head of the Lei family. If he loses his future because of this incident, we will lose not just be a young man, but the future of the Lei family…” Lei Kai frowned slightly. If it had been any other member of the Lei family, Lei Kai would not have made such a big sacrifice to save him.

Lei Qin wiped her lips, her eyes filled with complicated emotions. She involuntarily clasped her hands that were hanging by her side.

“Oh Little Qin, if only you were a boy… wouldn’t that be wonderful…” Lei Kai sighed lightly. Lei Qin was the best in terms of intelligence and aptitude but… she was a girl, or Lei Kai would not have placed such importance on Lei Yuanxu.

Lei Qin’s head drooped. She made her face a blank and did not say a word.

“Grandfather, we all understand your reasoning, but… don’t you think all these events are too peculiar?” A youth of the Lei family could not help but ask.

Lei Kai looked at him.

The youth said, “We and Ji Qiu of the Ji family agreed to the transaction involving the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed. But in just a short while, Ji Fengyan came knocking. As well… how did Ji Fengyan know that there was a treasure in the eastern room?”

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