Chapter 286 - : Dogfight (2)

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Chapter 286: Dogfight (2)

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Lei Kai expression changed slightly. Even the Lei family members did not know about the scales, but Ji Fengyan had pointed out where the item was kept, and had asked for it specifically.

There was something fishy about all this!

“I think that Ji Qiu and Ji Fengyan are in cahoots. The Ji family probably planned to use the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed to suppress us. If not, why has the Ji family refused to explain Lei Xu’s death? They have been on Ji Fengyan’s side from the beginning!”

“That’s right. The Ji family were so solicitous when they first arranged Ji Fengyan’s engagement to Lei Min. If they had not been so enthusiastic, would we have agreed to the marriage so readily?”

The more the Ji family talked about it, the more they felt that something fishy was going on.

Lei Kai’s expression gradually grew darker. Although he indistinctly sensed that some parts of this reasoning were faulty, the fact that Ji Fengyan had known the location of the scales sufficed to ignore these faults.

“The Ji family is throwing their weight around and trying to swindle us of our treasures. Grandfather, we must not allow the Ji family to bully us!”

Ji Kai narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Ji Fengyan is a terminator, but the others in the Ji family are not.”

When he had spoken, he glanced at Lei Qin and the others and said, “Little Qin, bring some people over to the Ji house.”

Lei Qin nodded slightly.


Ji Fengyan was in no hurry to return to the Ji home after she left the Lei house. Instead, she snuck off to the barracks and told Linghe all about what had happened to the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed.

Linghe had been uneasy since his return from the Ji House. On one hand, he worried about Ji Fengyan’s safety. On the other hand, he felt that he had made a big mistake. Now that he heard Ji Fengyan’s account, he was filled with regret!

“Miss! All this happened because I was too muddle-headed and believed the Ji family’s words. Please discipline me, Mistress!” Linghe knelt down with a plop and unhesitatingly asked to be punished.

When Ji Fengyan saw Linghe’s serious expression, she smiled and extended her hand to pull him up.

“Brother Ling, I didn’t tell you these things to blame you.” Ji Fengyan knew just how loyal Linghe and the others were to her. Linghe had probably only been muddle-headed because Ji He had exaggerated her injuries, hoping to affect Linghe’s judgment.

Although Linghe was wary of the Ji family, he was probably frantic when he thought Ji Fengyan’s life was at stake.

“In any case, I didn’t suffer any losses. Didn’t I get two treasures from the Lei family in exchange?” Ji Fengyan smilingly said.

But Linghe continued to blame himself and Zuo Nuo and the others silently stood by the side, unwilling to speak.

“Miss, stop consoling me. No matter how good the Lei family things are, they cannot be as valuable as the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed. You were so badly injured, but I could not look after your things properly. It’s all my fault…” Linghe stubbornly refused to get up.

Ji Fengyan looked at Linghe, unsure whether to laugh or to cry. Suddenly she had an idea and said, “Brother Ling, this is not the time to discuss these things. I’m going back to the Ji house later, and an interesting show will begin in a while. Do all of you want to follow me to watch the show?”

“An interesting show?” Linghe was rather aback.

Ji Fengyan smiled mysteriously. “Want to watch a dogfight?”

It perplexed Linghe at first, but he immediately understood after he gave it some thought.

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