Chapter 287 - Dogfight (3)

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Chapter 287: Dogfight (3)

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Without any hesitation, Linghe immediately got up and summoned Zuo Nuo and the others. They formed a formidable array as they hurried to the Ji house with Ji Fengyan.

When Ji Fengyan had led everyone to the Ji house, they saw that the main entrance was open, but there were no guards in sight.

Linghe and the others looked at each other in excitement.

Ji Fengyan walked through the door and towards the hall with quick steps. One could hear the sounds of an argument from afar.

All the Ji family guards now surrounded the hall. A tumultuous noise continually came from the hall.

Ji Fengyan squeezed through the guards and happily looked around.

In the hall, Ji Qiu and Ji He were both ashen. Facing them were the Lei family members led by Lei Qin. Both were aristocratic families, and a fight between them was quite a sight!

“Uncle Ji, the incident with the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed originated with the Ji family. Since you cannot keep your part of the deal, our previous agreement is void. Please return what we gave to the Ji family in full.” Lei Qin’s icy face showed no sign of emotion. Her elegant and indifferent air showed no weakness, even when facing Ji Qiu.

Ji Qiu frowned slightly, and his mind whirled as he looked at the uninvited group of Lei family members.

A moment ago, Lei Qin had burst into the Ji House together with the other Lei family members. At first, Ji Qiu thought that he would hear some good news, but it turned out that… Lei Qin had come to collect a debt!

Ji Qiu had made a killing in the trade between the Ji and Lei family for the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed. He knew that Lei Kai placed great importance on Lei Yuanxu, and he also knew what the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed meant to the Lei family. Hence, he had made exorbitant demands and extorted a batch of supreme-grade medication that the Lei family had previously spent a fortune on.

In the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, there was only one supreme grade pharmacist, and he only served the royal family. The Lei family had bought five bottles of supreme-grade medications from this pharmacist. Lei Qin and Lei Yuanxu had previously consumed a bottle each, and now Ji Qiu had extorted the remaining three bottles.

The initial purchase of these five bottles of supreme-grade medication had almost beggared the wealthy Lei family. So one could imagine the value of the remaining three bottles of medication.

However, Ji He did not expect that shortly after getting the medication, the Lei family would come knocking and demand their return!

Under these circumstances, how could Ji Qiu possibly put on a good face?

Just as Ji Qiu was racking his brain for ideas on how to deal with the Lei family, from the corner of his eye, he glimpsed at Ji Fengyan’s figure at the door.

Immediately, Ji Qiu asked in a deep voice, “Fengyan, have you returned?”

At Ji Qiu’s words, everyone in the hall turned to look at the door and saw Ji Fengyan standing at the doorway.

Ji Fengyan had no intention of hiding. When she heard Ji Qiu calling for her, she smilingly walked into the hall.

“Oldest Uncle.”

As he looked at Ji Fengyan’s smiling little face, Ji Qiu could not squeeze out even half a smile. “According to the Lei family, you went to their house to ask for the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed.”

“Yes.” Ji Fengyan spoke without embarrassment. “However, Lei Yuanxu had already used the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed, so they gave me something else in compensation.”

When the Lei family members who were standing there heard her words, they almost spat blood!

Who had “given” her anything?

She had extorted it!

Ji Qiu’s frown deepened. “Fengyan, how do you intend to deal with this matter?”

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