Chapter 288 - Being Reasonable (1)

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Chapter 288: Being Reasonable (1)

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“Me?” Ji Fengyan batted her eyes. How could Ji Qiu push the blame on me?

Ji Qiu nodded. “We only agreed to the Lei family’s request for your own good. Since you dared to go back on your word, you must resolve this matter.”

Ji Fengyan smiled at Ji Qiu and said, “I think… we should be reasonable about everything.” When she finished speaking, Ji Fengyan leisurely sat on a chair by the side and crossed her legs. Her attitude said, “I’ve said my piece. You may do as you please.”

Ji Qiu’s expression darkened. Lei Qin paid close attention to Ji Fengyan’s reaction.

Ji Qiu had thought that Ji Fengyan would pick up the pieces. Who would have expected Ji Fengyan to wash her hands of the matter!

In a moment, the Lei family members led by Lei Qin launched a concerted attack on Ji Qiu.

Without the support of Ji Fengyan as the terminator, the Ji family did not have the slightest advantage over the Lei family. What frustrated Ji Qiu the most was that he had already given Ji Mubai all the bottles of medication from the Lei family. Now only three empty bottles remained. How could they be returned to the Lei family?

Naturally, the Lei family was unsatisfied with this response. Since they could not touch Ji Fengyan, they spent their wrath on the Ji family, even threatening to ask the Emperor to judge between them.

Lei Qin was not stupid. He could tell from Ji Fengyan’s attitude that their previous guesses were awry; Ji Fengyan and Ji Qiu were probably at odds. However, the Lei family could not just let their items be lost like that, so they demanded them from Ji Qiu.

Under the Lei family’s attack, Ji Qiu was now in a sorry plight. Ji He had tried several times to get Ji Fengyan to act, but her attitude was one of complete indifference, which both panicked and angered Ji He.

Ji Qiu would never dare allow the matter to come before the Emperor. Not only would this fail to resolve matters with the Lei family, the matter of him trading the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed with the Lei family while Ji Fengyan was unconscious sufficed to get him executed by poisoned wine.

Helplessly, Ji Qiu agreed to the Lei family terms of handing over a sum of money equivalent to the three bottles of medication. This finally appeased the Lei family.

Although the matter seemed resolved, the implications nearly caused Ji Qiu to vomit blood.

How valuable were the three bottles of medication?

Just compensating the Lei family would turn Ji Qiu into a beggar. He was only the acting head of the family and had no authority to touch the items in the Ji head’s storage rooms. After a long discussion with Ji He, the two of them used all their families’ resources to pay the sum. Even Ji Mubai and Ji Qingshang’s belongings were not exempt…

The Lei family went through the sums and ensured that nothing was missing before they left contentedly.

Meanwhile, Ji Qiu and Ji He sat in the hall with extremely ugly expressions. They had given every valuable item they possessed to the Lei family. Right now, they were completely bankrupt.

Ji Qiu cast a poisonous glare at Ji Fengyan, who had looked on indifferently throughout.

“Ji Fengyan…”

“Oldest Uncle, I have something to discuss with you.” Ji Fengyan had finished enjoying the sight of Ji Qiu and Ji He getting their just deserts. Without waiting for Ji Qiu to attack, she went on the offensive. “I previously sent you my accounts. The Ji family swallowed many of my father’s possessions. I gave you some leeway, but I have been in the capital for sometime, and you must have completed your preparations by now. So…”

Ji Fengyan lips curved slightly, her smile completely harmless.

“May I trouble Oldest Uncle and Second Uncle to return all the things that have been taken by noon today?”

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