Chapter 289 - Being Reasonable (2)

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Chapter 289: Being Reasonable (2)

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In an instant, Ji He and Ji Qiu’s expressions darkened completely. They had not yet gotten over the shock of the Lei family’s extortion and now Ji Fengyan actually wanted to them to settle their accounts!!

“What do you mean, Fengyan?” Ji Qiu gloomily looked at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan shrugged slightly. “Everything I said can be taken literally, there is little to question. Oldest Uncle and Second Uncle, please respond swiftly. If I do not see my things by today, I will have to ask the Emperor to judge between us.”

Ji Fengyan brought up the Emperor the moment she opened her mouth, nearly causing Ji He and Ji Qiu to spit blood.

Ji He saw that Ji Qiu was so enraged that veins were throbbing on his forehead. He hurriedly said to Ji Fengyan, “Fengyan, you saw that we just had a conflict with the Lei family because of you. Today we have just handed over many items, truly this is…”

Ji Fengyan waved Ji He aside without waiting for him to finish.

“Don’t be silly Second Uncle. The Lei family matter is Oldest Uncle’s problem, what does it have to do with me? Each matter should be discussed separately.”

The corners of Ji He’s mouth twitched slightly. Ji Fengyan would not let them off easily.

“I wonder what’s the penalty in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon for misappropriating a terminator’s possessions?” Ji Fengyan rubbed her chin and appeared to be in deep thought.

Ji Qiu’s expression was extremely ugly. When he heard Ji Fengyan’s words he almost crushed the chair’s arms.

Ji He had no other solutions. No matter what he said, Ji Fengyan would not listen to him.

Linghe and the others had followed Ji Fengyan to the Ji house. They had followed Ji Fengyan’s instructions and waited outside the hall. Although they did not enter, they had a clear view of everything that had happened. They had laughed inwardly when they saw the Lei family creating trouble for Ji Qiu and Ji He. Now when they saw that Ji Fengyan had cleverly added insult to injury, they almost wanted to applaud and cheer!

One had to be tough when dealing with the Ji family!

“Fengyan, your grandfather is still at an external retreat. We have no authority to open the Ji family head’s store. Why not… wait for your grandfather to return and we can talk about it?” Ji He had no choice but to discuss the matter amiably.

“Second Uncle, unless I am mistaken, doesn’t the Ji family have many businesses in the capital? In any case, every family member should have many accumulated treasures.” Ji Fengyan smilingly looked at Ji He. Upon her return to the Ji house, she had attempted to find out what the Ji family owned treasures were. Although the Lei family had taken much, they had not yet truly beggared the Ji family.

Ji He had never expected Ji Fengyan to be so level-headed. Now he really out of ideas.

Ji Fengyan’s attitude clearly showed that if the Ji family continued to default on their debt, she would directly seek the Emperor and that was Ji Qiu’s main concern.

Ji Qiu was internally confirmed as the next family head. If the Emperor were to find out that the next head of the Ji family was greedy and unscrupulous, in the future… the Ji family would have no standing in the capital.

Ji Qiu was so angry he was speechless. However, he was at a loss.

“Ji He.” Ji Qiu took a deep breath.

Ji He looked at Ji Qiu.

“Raise the money for her.” These few words seemed to be squeezed out from between Ji Qiu’s gritted teeth.

Ji He’s expression was very ugly, but he had no choice but to follow instructions.

The Ji family had just been plundered by the Lei family, and it was now dealt with another violent blow. Many of the family members’ private savings were wiped out. Even their previous share of valuables were completely taken away.

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