Chapter 291 - Please Take Us In (1)

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Chapter 291: Please Take Us In (1)

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“What!” Ji He at a loss for words.

Ji Fengyan wanted to move out of the residence?

How could she?!

Unfortunately, Ji Fengyan did not care about Ji He’s turbulent feelings. She led Linghe and the rest to leave the main entrance of Ji residence with no hesitation.

Ji He and Ji Qiu displayed with a face that was about to fall apart.

After Ji Fengyan left, the items that she had taken back would naturally not be left behind in Ji residence, then…

Ji He felt his head hurt as he could not imagine how he would inform the others in Ji family.

Was he supposed to say…

They could not get back their things anymore?

After she had dealt Ji family with two heavy blows, they were already exhausted, whereas Ji Fengyan brought all the valuable items and left the Ji family full of energy. After they had left the main entrance, she still returned to her room to fetch little Bai Ze and the bat, and even took away all her “savings” from the past.

Linghe and his men all stood in the empty alley with all the cases. When they saw Ji Fengyan with Bai Ze in her left hand and the bat in the right hand, everyone could not help but look behind Ji Fengyan.

“Miss? What about your other items?” Linghe blinked his eyes. He remembered that they also placed the things that they had purchased from the auction in the Ji residence.

“I have brought them with me,” Ji Fengyan smiled as she said. The Space Soul Jade was really packed by this time.

“Umm… Miss, when did you find a place to stay in? We have really been shocked by how you have decided to move so suddenly,” Linghe said with a foolish laugh, “But Miss is really intelligent. It’s definitely better for us to move out as soon as possible. So where is the new place we are staying in? Where do we go?”

Ji Fengyan laughed sheepishly. “I don’t know.”

Linghe and the others’ enthusiasm instantly deflated by these three words that Ji Fengyan said.

“You… you don’t know?” Linghe was a little stunned.

“I also did not think that we would move out so soon, I only did that on a whim today,” Ji Fengyan casually shrugged her shoulders, as if it was not inappropriate that she had acted so rashly.

“…” suddenly, Linghe felt like crying.

They could still go back to the station troops area, but what about Ji Fengyan?

She had so many precious items with her, so it was unlikely that she would dare to stay there.

“I have an idea,” suddenly, an idea flashed across Ji Fengyan’s mind. She looked at Linghe and asked, “Brother Ling, do you still remember the young boy from yesterday?”

“Young boy?” Linghe gave a blank look and only understood who she was referring to after a while.

“Miss, you’re referring to Yichen?”

Ji Fengyan nodded. “Didn’t we send him back yesterday? You should still remember where he stays, right?”

“I remember…” suddenly, Linghe had a sense of foreboding.

“Then it should be simple, Brother Ling, please lead the way.” Ji Fengyan smiled as she said.

“Ah? Lead the way? Where to?” Linghe only had a dazed look on his face.

Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “Yichen’s house.”


There was an old residence in the corner of the capital city. It was covered in moss and the main entrance was so old that it almost could not be closed. Currently, the door was wide open.

Yichen, who was wrapped in his black cloak for most of the time, could not believe his eyes as he stared at the group of “unwelcome guests” who were standing at his doorsteps.

“So we meet again,” Ji Fengyan smiled as she lifted her hands and waved them in front of Yichen, forgetting that the bat was still in her hands…

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