Chapter 292 - Please Take Us In (2)

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Chapter 292: Please Take Us In (2)

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The bat that was rolled up in Ji Fengyan’s hands and soundly asleep was suddenly thrown out by a force.

With a loud bang!

It landed right on Yichen’s face…

The frightened human eye was instantly looking into that pair of red eyes staring right in front of him.

“…” A soundless shriek came out from Yichen’s mouth.

It also startled the little bat as it flapped its wings and flew back into Ji Fengyan’s arms.

Linghe and the rest silently looked away as they could not bear to watch their Miss “torture” the innocent young boy…

Yichen, who was still recovering from his shock, panted heavily as he looked at the little bat that was shivering in her arms.

“Don’t be afraid, he has less courage than you.” Ji Fengyan smiled so warmly.

Less courage than him…

Yichen did not know whether to cry or laugh.

After stabilising his emotions, Yichen gestured to ask Ji Fengyan for her purpose of the visit. And…

“They chased me out by my family clan, so… do you mind taking us in temporarily?” Ji Fengyan looked at Yichen with her sincere eyes.

Yichen’s eyes almost dropped out of his eye socket.

Take them in?!

Yichen looked at the old residence behind him that swayed in the wind and was dilapidated. This residence had been abandoned for so long. After his master chased Yichen out, he could only build such a dilapidated yard using his limited money. Even though it was large, all the walls were almost about to fall apart.

Thinking back about how Ji Fengyan had spent without control the day before, Yichen could not help but doubt whether Ji Fengyan was playing tricks on him, but… out of gratitude, Yichen nodded well-behaved.

Immediately after, Ji Fengyan patted Yichen’s shoulders with a smile.

“Young boy, you’re really kind. You will definitely be repaid for your kindness in the future.”

After she said that, she waved her hands at Linghe and the rest and brought the other people into Yichen’s residence.

Yichen stood dumbly at the entrance as he looked at the ten burly men who were behind Ji Fengyan and trembled uncontrollably.

The old residence was really beyond everyone’s expectations. Most of the roof was leaking and none of the bricks on the ground was complete. Weeds were everywhere and there was a musty smell from the house.

Yichen followed them in and stood nervously at the side. He was glad to be able to provide a temporary shelter for Ji Fengyan and the others, but this house was really too embarrassing to look at.

However, Ji Fengyan did not bother about the house. Instead, she walked around the place. Even though it was old and remote, but because of how it was remote, the yard was rich in spiritual energy and was an ideal place for cultivation.

Linghe listened to Yichen about the origin of the house and told Ji Fengyan about it. Knowing that this place was rented by Yichen, she immediately gave Yichen a bag of gold coins and asked him to let Linghe talk to the house owner about the purchase of this residence.

At the same time, Ji Fengyan instructed Zuo Nuo and others to purchase all the necessities from the capital city.

The group of people immediately was busy, whereas Yichen stood at the same spot as he watched dumbfounded at the burly men walking in and out, making his messy and old place seem more homely.

“Yichen, stop standing there in a daze. Sit down and eat some food, I have some things to discuss with you,” Ji Fengyan sat on the carved wooden stool and said to Yichen after tapping on the stool beside her.

Yichen was lost and could only slowly sit there. His eyes were looking at the room that was slowly filling up with furniture. No matter how he looked at them, he felt like he was stuck in a dream.

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