Chapter 293 - Changing the Future (1)

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Chapter 293: Changing the Future (1)

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Linghe led Zuo Nuo and the rest to clean up the residence before he sat beside Ji Fengyan and took a peek at Yichen, who was in a daze. He whispered to Ji Fengyan, “Miss, I just recalled that when Yichen saw us, we didn’t look like this. How… did he recognise us instantly?”

When Linghe and Ji Fengyan were at the auction house, they had a transformed look so Yichen did not see their original looks before. Previously, Linghe did not realise this and had only thought about it now. When they came looking for Yichen just now, they naturally had their original looks.

But Yichen… Seemed to recognise them right from the start.

Ji Fengyan was sitting on the chair and peeling her oranges. When she heard Linghe’s question, she smiled mysteriously, then waved her hands and replied, “I can’t tell you.”

There was nothing wrong with Linghe’s doubt. Ji Fengyan had already thought about it from the start, but it was troublesome for them to transform their looks during the entire duration that they were staying at Yichen’s place, so she used her spiritual energy to change their looks that Yichen had remembered.

It was easy to change someone’s memories, but as an immortal cultivator; it was a taboo. If anyone used such a method to harm another person and steal from them, the Gods would punish them.

But Ji Fengyan had only changed some useless information in his memory so there should not be a great effect on him.

Linghe was at a total loss, but everything that had happened to Ji Fengyan was so weird that he had become calm about it.

Coincidentally, there was a rushed knock on the door.

Yichen snapped out of his daze by that loud knock. His body was immediately stunned as he suddenly thought of something.

When Zuo Nuo was about to open the door, Yichen rushed over and opened it before Zuo Nuo did.

Outside the door, there were a few 17 or 18-year-old young boys.

Upon seeing them, Yichen’s face instantly turned pale.

Before Zuo Nuo could react, he had already heard those few young boys talking loudly from outside.

“Yichen, you’re really capable! Who would expect that you would become this rich after only a few days!” one of the young boys stuck his head to look at the yard behind Yichen. The residence that was overgrown with weeds was now completely different. From afar, one could see the elegant furniture in the hall.

Yichen’s face turned unpleasant.

Those few young boys continued to smile coldly as they made their way in disrespectfully and continued to mock him.

Those few young boys were once Yichen’s apprentice brothers and were also the disciples of the pharmacist Liu Shangfeng. They were coincidentally buying some things in the city and saw that some furniture in the same store were bought by one person and delivered to Yichen’s place. Seeing the poor Yichen spend so generously, they could not believe themselves and visited.

Who would expect that…

The change in Yichen’s residence was even more drastic than they had expected.

Zuo Nuo glanced at these unlikable young boys and discreetly asked Yichen whether he should chase them out.

Yichen’s expression was distasteful, but he slowly shook his head. His hands involuntarily held onto the cloak that was covering him tighter.

Without any obstruction, a bunch of childish young boys entered.

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